web hosting

  1. Maria Marketing

    How can I make a backup in cpanel easily?

    I want to make a backup in my cpanel web hosting without doing one in softaculous. I want to make a backup of the files for my blog and the database and keep them on my own computer instead of in my hosting. Does anyone know if it is hard and how to do it if it is not too hard?
  2. Ana

    What does it cost to move a blog?

    I am thinking about moving my blog to another web hosting service because the one I have right now has poor service for it's customers. How much does it usually cost to have your blog moved to a new web hosting service and where do I find someone to do that for me?
  3. Maria Marketing

    Any web hosting recommendations?

    My hosting is due soon and I am thinking about trying a new web hosting service. Does anyone know of any good web hosting services that have fair prices? It only has to be for 2 blogs if that makes any difference with the recommendations.
  4. Michael

    What's the most important thing to look for in a web host?

    I am possibly going to be changing web hosts because I am unhappy with my current host so I was wondering what the most important thing is to look for in a web host. What should be my first priority to look for in a web host before I buy a service?
  5. Dean

    What type of Web Hosting do you use?

    I have seen a lot more talk around here about web hosting and I was curious what type of web hosting some of our members are using. I am currently using shared web hosting myself and it fills my needs but I have been thinking about getting a VPS setup and going to have more control of my...
  6. Marcos

    Is OVH VPS hosting good?

    I have been thinking of the possibility of getting a VPS and moving away from shared web hosting and upon searching for a VPS provider I found one called OVH. Their prices are really inexpensive so it has me worried that their hosting services might not be good. Does anyone know if OVH is a...
  7. Will247

    Should I only use web hosting that has cPanel?

    I am looking around for some web hosting and wanted to know if I should only get web hosting that uses cPanel or if it really doesn't matter that much. I see most do but not all. What do you guys think?
  8. Kania

    How long should web hosting ticket support take?

    My web host has been getting worse with taking longer to reply to my support tickets and even when they are something easy. I used to get some replies in an hour or maybe 2 hours but some were long. Now they are all long and are taking at least 8 hours. How long should it take to reply to...
  9. Traveler

    How many web hosting affiliate programs do you use?

    I have mainly been using just Godaddy for my web hosting affiliate marketing but I have been wondering if I should expand and start doing more. I use them because so many people know them that it's easy to get sales and the rates are good. Do you use more than 1 if you market web hosting...
  10. Nomnom

    I'm moving to Hostgator

    After using JustHost as my web host provider for more than five years, I'm finally calling it quits. I've discovered that they're charging me so much for a service that I could avail of at another Web host provider at a much cheaper price. I've been mostly satisfied with their service, but...
  11. Traveler

    Do you make good money from web hosting affiliate programs?

    I have been marketing these on my blog since I started it and it seems like they have times when the sales are good and happen often and other where it will go several weeks or longer with no sales. Do web hosting affiliate sales have lots of slow periods with sales or is it me?
  12. Traveler

    Support tickets vs. Live chat support

    I like to just submit support tickets when I need support rather than stay online on live chat support when I need something from my web host. I saw a post that said that most people prefer live chat support over ticket support and that is something I have not heard before so I was wondering...
  13. Ana

    2 blogs on the same web hosting

    Hi marketing friends I have a question for you. I am going to start 1 blog and then shortly after it is going I am going to start another for a different topic. I am wondering if it is better to have both blogs on the same web hosting or if it is better to have separate web hosting for each blog...
  14. Ellen F

    Monthly or Yearly Web Hosting Plans

    I'm looking to start a new blog or 2 and was wondering if it's a good idea to just pay monthy or if I should go for a yearly price. The yearly prices that I have seen are much cheaper if you use them. What would be the best way to go for someone starting a couple of new blogs?
  15. Marcos

    Small web hosting company vs larger web hosting company

    I was looking at some different web hosts and have seen that there are some differences between the smaller web hosting companies and the larger ones. Most of the larger ones give more resources or have unlimited web hosting. The smaller ones I think might give better service since they need...
  16. Michael

    Are all web hosts about the same?

    I have been looking around for a web host to start a blog and most of them seem like they are about the same as far as what they offer. Some of the amounts and specs of their plans are different but that's about all I am noticing that is different. Most seem to use the same setups or at least...
  17. KeralMTG

    Is it good to stay with the same host for a long time?

    I saw some information that said that search engines like websites that stay with the same place for long times and do not move because of being consistent and reliable and that some bad websites move often. Do you think it is good to stay with the same web hosting for a long time or is this...
  18. Michael

    How much storage do I need?

    I'm going to be starting a new blog and it will be using wordpress I think. I have been looking around at web hosting services and there can be a big difference between the amount of storage space that one or another have in their plans. My question is how much storage space should I look for...
  19. Melker

    I need web hosting recommendations

    I am looking to start a blog after not having one for a while and I am looking for some web hosting recommendations. Who is good, who is not, that sort of thing. It's just going to be for one blog for now and maybe a second if I need it later one. Input is welcomed! :D
  20. JennyJ

    If I change web hosting will it hurt my rankings?

    I was thinking about changing web hosts and was wondering if changing to a new web host will change or affect the rankings for my blog. Can I expect any kind of change or does it not matter if I change web hosting?