social media

  1. Marcos

    Stumbleupon is closing down

    I don't know if any of you are using Stumbleupon for anything but I read recently that they are closing down. If you are using them for your internet marketing then you should perhaps find an alternative to use. What do you think about this?
  2. Traveler

    Do you use Tumblr?

    I keep hear about this social media blogging website but I don't know if it's good or not. I tried looking for information on it but it's making me more confused about it. Do you use it and is it good for marketing?
  3. Kania

    Should we make different posts on each social media site?

    I usually always make the same or similar posts an all the social media sites that I use. I was wondering if I should be posting about different things on each one. I am mostly posting for content marketing to get people to my blog. Should I post different things on different social media sites...
  4. Catherine1

    Is Sprout Social worth the cost?

    I was looking at some social media services to help with some of my social media activities and saw that Sprout Social is very expensive. Is it really worth paying such a high price for their service?
  5. Catherine1

    Which free social media service is better, Buffer or Hootsuite?

    I want to try out one of these services using just their free service at first to get the hang of it. which one would you recommend and is there anything that I would need to know about either service? All help will be appreciated. :D
  6. Joan Angeles

    Social Media Accounts

    Hi everyone, I have a client who wants me to manage his social media accounts. He is in an e-commerce business. To be honest with you, I really don't know anything about e-commerce business. What I did is researched and watched videos for me to be at least familiar with it. I am still confused...
  7. JennyJ

    Posting product review links on social media

    I have started to do some product reviews on my blog and I was wondering if it is against the rules of the social media networks to post links to my reviews on them. Is that ok or is it considered spam?
  8. Traveler

    Should I post on the social media networks every day?

    I try to post on the social media network websites every day but sometimes I am not able to. Does anyone think that it is needed to post every day on the social media networks or is it ok to post almost every day?
  9. Melker

    How good is social media for traffic?

    I keep hearing that social media is real good for traffic but I don't know if that is just hype or real. How good is social media for traffic really?
  10. Michael

    How many social media websites to start with?

    I'm just getting going a little more with my internet marketing work and have started to look at the social media websites to help grow a following. I will be building up a blog for this purpose and was wondering how many social media websites is good to start with. Should I start with just 1...
  11. Maria Marketing

    What are Facebook likes good for?

    I see a lot of things around about getting Facebook likes for your Facebook page and I don't know exactly how that helps in any way other than knowing that people like what they are seeing. What are Facebook likes for and how do they help your Facebook page?
  12. Storm

    Why am I getting so many Facebook likes?

    I have a Facebook page that I have for my technology blog and it has gone for quite a long time with only 2-3 likes. Then about maybe 2 weeks ago it started getting a few likes every day and it's around 60 likes already. I haven't done anything differently but all of a sudden I am getting likes...
  13. JennyJ

    Is automated following on Twitter good?

    I saw some articles on doing automated following on the social media sites like Twitter saying that it can sometimes be good to increase your follower growth quickly. I saw some other articles that said it wasn't good to do that. Has anyone tried this or does anyone know if automated following...
  14. KeralMTG

    Are social media management services good?

    I have been getting some emails and seeing around on different blogs some advertisements for social media management services. Does anyone know if those are good and if they can help?
  15. Digi SMM

    9 Instagram Tips For Business

    Experienced bloggers know and novice bloggers quickly learn that mirror way to lose followers can be always to stop posting on your site. Even a short absence will be unannounced assists your followers lose faith and advance. Make sure you handle your blogging absences properly a person do not...
  16. JennyJ

    Is Pinterest good for marketing purposes?

    Hey guys, I am wondering if Pinterest is good for marketing purposes? I'm mostly thinking about using it to get people to come to my blog to read my posts and maybe make a little affiliate money. I just don't see much mentioned about Pinterest and don't know if it's worth the time spent to try...
  17. Dean

    Facebook vs LinkedIn, which is best?

    I know that most people here probably use Facebook more than LinkedIn for their Internet Marketing purposes. LinkedIn can be good if you are looking for certain audiences. Not looking at the number of members and just looking at the effectiveness I think that they can be pretty close but I...
  18. Dean

    What do you think about automated messages?

    There are a lot of people and businesses on the social media networks and especially on Twitter that use automated messages that they send to people. Lots of people around the web say that that is not good and that people shouldn't do it. What do you think about using automated messages on the...
  19. Amante Inc

    Tactics of SMM traffic generation

    We hope you have already understood that the position of "more posts in social groups give more traffic to the site" leads to failure. It's no secret that if it was not so, then a couple dozens of posts in social networks would bring thousands of visitors to the site every day. Nevertheless...
  20. ulterios

    How much time on social media daily?

    More and more people that I talk to and deal with are spending more and more time on the social media sites. I seem to spend less than many people I deal with. I try to be very efficient with my time on them and spend roughly 30 minutes on them doing various tasks, give or take, per day. So I...