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We hope you have already understood that the position of "more posts in social groups give more traffic to the site" leads to failure.

It's no secret that if it was not so, then a couple dozens of posts in social networks would bring thousands of visitors to the site every day. Nevertheless, how should you effectively use SMM to drive traffic to your site?

There are 10 unspoken rules on this subject.

Twitter users also love photos

According to a rumor in the network, Twitter exists only for publication of notes that fit into 140 characters. That's all. Many use it only in this way. But in practice, adding of a link to the article and pictures in a tweet increases the number of clicks and reposts by 112%.

Do not publish all posts at one time

Do not clutter up the news list of users who have subscribed on you. Appreciate their time. If you constantly appear in the list, users are likely to quickly get tired of your content. Conversely, if you appear in front of them only once a day, you will be erased from their memory.

The effective frequency of posting:

Facebook: publish posts 1-4 times per day

Twitter: no more often than once an hour

LinkedIn: no more than once a day

Publish only quality content

No matter the network in which you promote, the publication of the content of poor quality lowers your reputation. Encourage your users to expect from you only useful, fun and interesting content.

Observe the perfect balance of 80/20

Effective ratio of posting is 20% of news about you, you can take from the company website and 80% must be taken from other interesting resources. When you constantly talk only about yourself, you will harm your image.

Write links at the top of the posts

You have the opportunity to write URL of your website, landing page or blog in the beginning, middle or end of the post. Writing it closer to the top of the post, you increase the probability of visits to your site many times. Don't publish a post in Facebook, if you did not attach a picture.

FB readers like Twitter subscribers are more attentive to images and worse refer to the text without them. According to the statistics , a status update on FB with a picture provokes by 114% more activity in the form of comments, by 64% more likes and by 79% more clicks. Therefore, it is stupid not to use pictures.

Note that if you add a Call to Action on the picture, CTR will increase by an average 16% and more. Also use the blue color of Facebook interface on your pictures, the number of targeted actions will also rise.

Do not forget about hashtags

They provide an opportunity to attract the attention of users who are looking for information in such a way. But do not overuse hashtags, otherwise your message will lose readability and only alienate users.

Publish posts when your audience is on the web

Periods of publication depend on people who read you. If they are businessmen, the optimum time for posting is 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Students and pupils are often online after 8:00 p.m.

In general, there are plenty of services that can be used to analyze the periods of activity of your subscribers.

Keep your words

Did you note that the expressions you use affect the activity of the target audience? It's very simple - some catchy words cling the reader's attention, while others do not. It is important to define which words cling your target audience.


What works with one, may not work with others. That's why periodic testing and experimentation is a sure way to understand your traffic growth methods.


The increase in base of loyal subscribers is a long and labor-intensive process, the results of which can appear not earlier than after a month, six months or a year. Therefore it is necessary to have patience and tactics outlined above will help you succeed in SMM already the next month.