Are social media management services good?


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I have been getting some emails and seeing around on different blogs some advertisements for social media management services. Does anyone know if those are good and if they can help?


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What exactly are they saying that they will do for you? Complete management of your social accounts or just do a few things to get them more active?


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I've never used a social media management service myself since I like to be on top of things myself. Lately I have had less time to dedicate to my social media accounts so I can't say that I would never use one.

I would say that if the services that they are going to be doing will help and are worth the cost then you can always try them out for a while and see what happens. ;)


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Are you meaning things like Buffer and Hootsuite type of social media management services or the kind where people or a business does your social work for you?

Maria Marketing

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I have been thinking about using some services that do your social media activities for you but I just don't know if they are worth the cost or not.

I never seem to be able to make time to keep my social media accounts regularly active which is why I was thinking about these services.

If you use one and it does well for your social media accounts then please let me know. :D