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  1. Dean

    Which social media website do you use the most for marketing?

    I am curious as to which social media website most of you use the most for marketing? I personally use Twitter the most for my marketing efforts although I do use some of the other top social media websites for my marketing due to it's ease of use and that is is more geared towards marketing...
  2. ulterios

    Have you tried Facebook Ads?

    There seem to be varying articles around the web about how well Facebook ads work for marketing. So I am curious as to if any of our members have tried Facebook ads and how well they performed when you did use them. I am interested in all information and experiences, good or bad.
  3. Dean

    What other social media site is good for marketing?

    Hey everyone, I have a question for you. Outside of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin, what are some of the other social media sites that are good for marketing purposes? I am not looking for any one that is good for a particular niche but just good overall. I am thinking about...
  4. Dean

    [POLL] What is your favorite social media network that you use for marketing?

    Which social media network is your favorite to use for your marketing? There is no right or wrong answer, I am just curious what some of our members favorite social media network is based just for marketing purposes. Twitter is my personal favorite for many reasons but the main ones are the...
  5. Ben

    Which social media site should I use?

    I am wanting to start getting a social media account setup for my marketing purposes and I really only want to start out using just one to help generate sale, traffic and sign-ups. If I was to use just one to start with then which one do you think would be the best to start out using? I will...
  6. Dean

    Social Media Management Service

    Hey everyone, I have a question for those of you who have multiple social media accounts. Have you ever tried or used a social media management service? I am asking because I have been very busy lately and some of my social media accounts have been neglected a bit lately and I have seen these...
  7. Dean

    Is anyone an affiliate for social media services?

    I have come across some affiliate programs that I haven't tried yet and had no experience with and wanted to know if anyone here has any experience with being an affiliate for these services. I am talking about the affiliate programs that sell social media related services. I have seen...
  8. Dean

    Any marketing success in the OTHER social media sites?

    Has anyone had any marketing success on any of the social media sites other than the 3 usual suspects of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus? I haven't tried the others with any kind of good effort other than just to dabble but I have never had much success. I have tried Pinterest and StumbleUpon...
  9. Ellen F

    Is it good to have lots of followers & friends on social media for marketing?

    Hi everybody, I have been doing a bit of research on social media marketing and was wondering if it's good to have lots of followers and friends on the social networks? I see some people have an unbelievable amount of people that are following or are friends of theirs, while at the same time...
  10. ulterios

    Which Social Media Website Have You Had The Most Success With?

    Using the social media websites for marketing and advertising is one of the most used methods for internet marketers to utilize. I am curios what social media website members here have had the most success in using. Whether it's for sales, leads, traffic, etc., which social media website would...
  11. Webisaba Ltd

    Optimizing ads

    When is the right time to start optimizing ads?