1. smartman658

    Best Platform For SEO ?

    Hi, i had a debate with a colleague which is the most efficient website platform for optimization? He thinks that Wordpress is not the best right now and i can't simply agree with that. What are you all guys thinking ?
  2. joehue

    Which is the best video plugin?

    I'd like to know if there a video plugin that can be a sister to Youtube, I mean, a video gallery, a side bar suggestion, a comment section, a history management window... I know one which come close, it works in Joomla, What about CMSs, frameworks, or scripts?
  3. joehue

    Which is Fast WP or Joomla?

    If we put WP and Joomla on benchmark, who would win? I have preference to Joomla, but I would trade this love for speed.
  4. Nomnom

    BBPress or BuddyPress?

    Meow. I've been contemplating a bit hard last night whether or not I wanted to make one of my websites (a website focusing on business and finance) more infor the visitors. I've decided to make it more interactive. That's where BBPress and BuddyPress come into play. Both these plugins allow...
  5. Ana

    Do Wordpress themes affect SEO?

    I was reading that themes can impact many things on a Wordpress blog and one place I read that the theme can affect the SEO of your blog. Is this true or maybe just something someone thinks?
  6. Ana

    How long does it take to build a Wordpress website?

    I remember it took me some time to build my Wordpress blog website I made last year but I think I will be able to build my new ones faster now because I have learned many new things over the times. I want to know how long does it usually take someone who is a beginner to build a Wordpress website?
  7. Maria Marketing

    Which Wordpress cache plugin is the best?

    I am trying to make my blog load faster and was looking at using a cache plugin to help that. which Wordpress cache plugin is the best to make my blog load faster?
  8. Marcos

    Are Wordpress page builder plugins good?

    I have been looking around and it seems like many of the developers are producing these page builder plugins that let you build the pages on your Wordpress website much easier or that is what they say. These are something I have not tried and want to know if these are good or if it is not...
  9. Maria Marketing

    Buying themes and plugins from other sources

    I have received emails and contact form submissions from people that are recommending that I check some websites out to get themes and plugins for my Wordpress blog at big discounts. I went there and they are not the makers of the plugins and themes but they are selling them and saying that it...
  10. Catherine1

    Are paid themes easier or harder to work with?

    I was going to use a paid theme for my Wordpress blog on a few occasions but just went with a free one. I have been wanting to try something new and also need a theme for a new blog and was wondering if paid themes are easier or harder to work with and setup. Anyone have any information or...
  11. Traveler

    Drupal vs Joomla

    The last couple of weeks I have been thinking of starting another website and was thinking about trying something different than Wordpress. I like Wordpress a lot but wanted to try something else since I haven't used anything different in some time. I have narrowed it down to either Drupal or...
  12. Traveler

    Do you use a slider on your Wordpress blog?

    I got a new theme that has a slider option and have not decided if I want to use the feature or not because a slider can cause the site to load slower from what I understand so I don't know if I should use one or not. I would like to have some images that will catch the eyes of my blog visitors...
  13. Catherine1

    What Wordpress newspaper themes are good?

    I have been looking at Wordpress newspaper style themes but i'm getting more confused the longer I look at them. Does anyone know of a good Wordpress newspaper theme for a marketing blog?
  14. KeralMTG

    What is the best SEO plugin for Wordpress?

    I have one Wordpress blog and I want to start using a SEO plugin to maybe help it a little. Which one is the best one and that is also easy to setup?
  15. Dean

    Do you use the Jetpack by Wordpress plugin?

    I've seen a lot of discussions around the internet lately about the Jetpack by Wordpress plugin and it's recent changes as well as the paid version that they didn't used to have. I use the free version on most of my Wordpress websites and have since I first got started using Wordpress. It...
  16. v3locim

    Selling Design and Development Services - Websites, Landing Pages, Print Media and More - VelocimDesigns

    Hello Guys! I'm Sib, an experienced Designer & Developer. Recently I've turned my freelance practice into a fully operational WebDevelopment agency with an amazing experienced team. Our website: velocimdesigns.com You can reach us on skype: sibtain.gironella or e-mail us at...
  17. Danny

    WordPress SEO – 2016 Checklist

    Hello guys, I want to share with you the most important things you should do in order to optimize your WordPress blog or website for optimal SEO performance. Use SEO-Friendly URLs SEO-friendly urls will boost your results because they help Google to understand what your page is about...
  18. Storm

    Is managed Wordpress hosting any good?

    Has anyone used the managed wordpress hosting that seems to be a hot new thing in hosting? I keep seeing that it's "Optimized" for wordpress but I really don't know much about if that is really true or if they are just putting another label on the same old hosting they usually sell. I did some...
  19. ulterios

    Have you used a WordPress maintenance service?

    Hi fellow IMS members, I have a question for you! Have you ever used a WordPress maintenance service for your WordPress websites or blogs? I personally prefer to do all my own work on my sites, unless it's something I am not able to do personally. However, I have gotten an ever increasing...
  20. KeralMTG

    Is SEO the same in html websites as it is for CMS websites?

    Hi friends. I was wondering if the things that are good for seo in wordpress and other cms websites is the same for html websites? Since html websites usually have less code and other things then wouldn't the seo be different for these? I know some things on how you do them are different but I...