Are paid themes easier or harder to work with?


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I was going to use a paid theme for my Wordpress blog on a few occasions but just went with a free one. I have been wanting to try something new and also need a theme for a new blog and was wondering if paid themes are easier or harder to work with and setup.

Anyone have any information or input on this? I am looking to get a new theme soon.


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In my experience, it depends on the theme developer and not whether a theme is a free or paid theme as far as whether or not a theme is easy to work with and setup.

It matter more on who developed and designed the theme and not it's price. Some themes are easy to work with and get all setup and some are not, it all depends on who made the theme and how they built it.


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I have used both free and paid themes and never really noticed much difference between them. Many paid theme will have more options that you might have to or want to configure and that might make them a little harder to get all setup.

I think it depends more on who developed the theme and if they were trying to make things easy for everyone or not.


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It all depends on the publisher of the theme as far as how easy or hard it is to work with and get setup how you want.

One things that you can do is to go with a theme that has lots of information around on it in case you get stuck trying to figure something out and don't want to wait for customer support to answer your question or need.


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I have only tried a few paid themes and they were harder to get setup how you want. They had more things to setup and make adjustments on and some did not have good documentation so I had to contact support.


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I don't think that just because a theme is a paid theme it is going to be harder to work with. I think that matter more on the person or company that made the theme and how easy they made things.