WordPress SEO – 2016 Checklist


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Hello guys,

I want to share with you the most important things you should do in order to optimize your WordPress blog or website for optimal SEO performance.

Use SEO-Friendly URLs

SEO-friendly urls will boost your results because they help Google to understand what your page is about

Optimize your titles for SEO

Titles are probably on of the most important on page SEO factor. For best results start your title with your keyword or place it in the beginning.

Add modifiers to your title

Use modifiers like “2016”, “best”, “guide”, and “review etc. They will help you to rank for long tail keywords.

Optimize your descriptions

Your descriptions are very important because they will help you to increase your CTR and this will help you to climb in SERP.

Eliminate thin or duplicate content

Duplicate content decrease the quality of your blog or website and send link juice down the drain.

XML sitemaps

They help search engines to crawl your websites

Content Optimization

Content marketing is a growing trend. In fact the safest way to build or earn links is through 10x content.

  • Create in depth 10x content

  • Use LSI keywords - keywords related to your main target keyword

  • Link out to quality resources

  • Interlink other pages on your website

  • Use content Resurrection - updated old content

  • Keyword sweet spots -Put your keyword at the beginning and the end of the article.
Boost Time on site

The time your visitors spend on your site is vital ranking factor. If the time your visitors spend on your website is longer compared to your competitors Google will boost your rankings.

Use Responsive Design

There are more searches on Mobile than on desktop. Google even started to penalize mobile unfriendly sites.

Use responsive themes

Boost Site Speed

Speed Factors:

  • Image Optimization

  • Group JavaScript and CSS files

  • Use Caching Plugin

  • Caching information (expires header)

  • Add LazyLoad to your images

  • Gzip compression

  • Widget/Plugin Overload

  • Optimize your WordPress database

  • Disable hotlinking and leeching of your content

  • Fast WordPress Theme

  • Use CDN for static files

  • Use solid web host

  • Decrease the number of Ads

  • External Embedded Media

  • Control a number of post revisions

  • Turn off pingbacks and trackbacks

  • Optimize your home page

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I was aware of most of these from reading about these but the one about modifiers I had not thought of. That makes good sense though and i'll be sure to make a note of this. Thanks. :)


As well as there being certain things that can be done under the hood with your website using certain code techniques, there are also external factors that will have a bearing on your overall search engine ranking, therefore making it imperative for you to focus on these once you are past the development stages. Although the time it takes for you to complete all of the SEO stages can vary, it can be definitively said that it will take a while for any real results to appear as you will have to take into consideration the fact that search engines only crawl websites periodically – and this period will be increased for newer websites, but will be reduced as they build up visitor bases.


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Since it's almost 2017 will you be sharing one of these for 2017?

These can be helpful to WordPress users and especially those new to WordPress and having websites or blogs.


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Nice guide you have shared, thanks. I have already been sending some people to come and check out your guide. I think that the way that you also added a description to your points will be real good, especially for those new to Wordpress and websites in general.

Nicely laid out and to the point with good information, I like it!

Cheers, Dean.