1. VPSnet

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    Network information Vilnius, Lithuania Test IPv4: Test IPv6: 2a05:7cc0::3
  2. Ellen F

    Are backup services worth it?

    I saw that there are some backup services that will do automated backups of your blog for a fee and I was wondering if anyone thinks those are worth it or if it is just a waste of money. Anyone have any experience or outlook on if backup services are worth the cost?
  3. AlexRozett

    Quality Dedicated Hosting | AbeloHost | Xeon E3-1220v3 | 2 x 8GB | 2 x 250GB SSD

    If you ae looking for a good dedicated hosting provider from Europe I would recommend you to use AbeloHost. is a privately owned and operated web-hosting services provider based in the Netherlands. Founded in 2012, the firm specializes in offering affordable offshore web-hosting...
  4. Catherine1

    Does server location matter?

    I was thinking about starting a new blog and I want it separate from my other and have been looking for web hosting for it somewhere other than my current host. I am seeing a couple of web hosting providers offer hosting with the servers in different locations. Does the location of the web...
  5. DTS-NET

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    Description is offering 50% off your first payment when using the coupon "internetmarketingstar". This can be applied to any payment term (monthly, annual, and 3 year) Accepted Forms Of Payment American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, Paypal and Bitcoin Account Features...
  6. KeralMTG

    Is Namecheap Web Hosting Good?

    I was transferring my domain to Namecheap and I saw their web hosting has good prices. I do not know if it is good or not so does anyone know if Namecheap web hosting is good?
  7. Traveler

    Is Cloudflare good?

    A friend said that he started using a CDN and it really helped his website load faster so I am thinging about trying to use a CDN for mine. My web hosting has Cloudflare installed on it and I was thinking about trying it out but I do not know if it is good? Do you think Cloudflare is good to use?
  8. JennyJ

    Does hosting affect the ranking of a website?

    I was reading some blog posts about hosting and they said that hosting is important to the rankings of the website sometime. Is this true and does the hosting have that much of an affect on how your website ranks in the search sites like Google?
  9. Storm

    What's the best hosting for an ecommerce store?

    I'm thinking of starting an ecommerce store at some time in the near future and was wondering if the hosting for ecommerce store websites would be any different than a regular website. I was thinking for security reasons and things related to an ecommerce website. What's the best hosting for...
  10. Traveler

    How long does it take to move cpanel accounts

    I think I might move to a new hosting service and I see that some of the hosting companies will move your cpanel account for free. Does anyone know how long this can take? I asked some live chat and they say it depends on how busy but they will not give any kind of answer.
  11. KeralMTG

    Is free hosting good for testing

    I want to test out new things for a blog and want to know if using some free hosting for that is good for this use or should I just use paid shared hosting?
  12. Catherine1

    Separate hosting for each blog

    I have a question that I need some good information on. Is it better for any reason to have separate web hosting for each blog that you have? I saw somewhere a while back but can't find now where it said it is better to have separate hosting for each blog you have. does this sound right? I am...
  13. Maria Marketing

    Windows or Linux hosting for SEO?

    Someone told me earlier today that windows web hosting is better for SEO and that websites that use it will get better results in the search sites than Linux web hosting. Is this true? I looked in Bing and Google and did not find any information about this.
  14. Ben

    What are the top features to look for in a new host?

    I'm currently looking for a host and wanted to know what are the most important features to look for when choosing a new host? I really don't trust the reviews that are around on websites so I am having trouble figuring out what I should put a priority on. What are the top feature that you look...
  15. Dean

    What's the best Free cPanel alternative control panel?

    I have always used (paid for) cPanel for all of my hosting accounts and now I looking for a free control panel alternative to cPanel. It's for a VPS that will be used to test out some things and some websites so I really don't want to pay the extra for cPanel unless I have to. Anyone know of...
  16. Storm

    Is managed Wordpress hosting any good?

    Has anyone used the managed wordpress hosting that seems to be a hot new thing in hosting? I keep seeing that it's "Optimized" for wordpress but I really don't know much about if that is really true or if they are just putting another label on the same old hosting they usually sell. I did some...
  17. ulterios

    Do you Market Affiliate Web Hosting Services?

    A few years back it seemed like just about everyone was marketing web hosting services. Some did it on their websites or blogs, some through social media, some through email marketing or some other marketing practices. It used to be very lucrative but I don't know if it still is, considering the...
  18. Maria Marketing

    Are web hosting affiliate ads good for any blog?

    I am looking to find out what some opinions are and get some information on web hosting affiliate marketing. I was wanting to know if it is a good idea to use web hosting affiliate advertising on a blog that is not tech or web related? I know these can be very profitable, but I am wondering...
  19. Dean

    Managed Wordpress VS Shared Web Hosting, which is best?

    I've seen a lot of hype around about managed Wordpress hosting but after doing some research around the web I am finding information saying it's basically the same as regular shared hosting. Have you tried managed Wordpress hosting and if so, did you notice any difference over regular shared...
  20. rwill76

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