What's the best hosting for an ecommerce store?


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I'm thinking of starting an ecommerce store at some time in the near future and was wondering if the hosting for ecommerce store websites would be any different than a regular website.

I was thinking for security reasons and things related to an ecommerce website.

What's the best hosting for an ecommerce store?


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I think that as long as you have a good quality web hosting service with some decent resources then I don't think that it would make much difference what web hosting service you use.


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Do you mean like you are deciding between shared hosting or vps hosting or which hosting company to use?

I think it just depends on the cms you use and how big your website is. Maybe the amount of traffic too.


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It all comes down to your budget
and your requirements


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A VPS will probably be the best choice for an ecommerce store. That way you don't have security problems that are on a shared hosting service. You also will need a SSL for your website.


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The best type of hosting can mean many different things. It can mean the best price, best performance, best security and many other things. It depends on what you are consider to be "Best".

Since you mentioned security then a VPS or dedicated server will usually give better security than shared hosting but those will cost you extra.

Since you are wanting this for an eCommerce website then having an SSL for your website is a must. That way any payment data or other sensitive data will have extra protection.

What software will this eCommerce store be built with? If it's WordPress then you can take some of the usual security measures like having a good security plugin like WordFence installed and setup properly and limiting logins and so on.

More than likely a VPS will be what you are looking for since a dedicated server is going to be expensive and unless this is for an existing website with a lot of traffic then I doubt it will be worth the extra cost.