1. Mansi Patel

    How to Create Storytelling WB Videos for Internet Marketing?

    Hello friends, My name is mansi patel and i am looking for how to create videos for my internet marketing products. Which software is used for making this type of videos. I want to buy this software to create this type of videos.
  2. Maria Marketing

    Has anyone sold affiliate ebooks?

    I have been looking at some of the affiliate options that are out there and have seen several affiliate options for selling ebooks. Has anyone done any affiliate marketing with ebook sellers? I was looking at a few and the commissions are not very high but if you could get a lot of conversions...
  3. Dean

    Does anyone use a URL shortening service to track clicks?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone here uses a URL shortening service like or something else to keep track of the clicks they receive for things like landing pages, squeeze pages, from social media, etc.. I know that some people do this around the web but I was wondering if anyone...
  4. Dean

    Any marketing success in the OTHER social media sites?

    Has anyone had any marketing success on any of the social media sites other than the 3 usual suspects of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus? I haven't tried the others with any kind of good effort other than just to dabble but I have never had much success. I have tried Pinterest and StumbleUpon...
  5. ulterios

    Has Anyone Tried The iTunes Affiliate Program?

    I keep forgetting that Apple has an affiliate program for iTunes. I was thinking about maybe giving them a try but finding good reliable information on the program isn't easy. I was wondering if any of our members here have tried this program and I am also curious if it has good earning...
  6. Ellen F

    Is it good to have lots of followers & friends on social media for marketing?

    Hi everybody, I have been doing a bit of research on social media marketing and was wondering if it's good to have lots of followers and friends on the social networks? I see some people have an unbelievable amount of people that are following or are friends of theirs, while at the same time...
  7. Dean

    How much success has your email list been for generating sales?

    Hi everyone, I have a question for those of you that do some marketing through email. I am curious as to how much success you have had with your email marketing efforts for generating sales. Personally I have had mixed results. At times, it seems to do very well, while at other times it has...
  8. ulterios

    Do you Market Affiliate Web Hosting Services?

    A few years back it seemed like just about everyone was marketing web hosting services. Some did it on their websites or blogs, some through social media, some through email marketing or some other marketing practices. It used to be very lucrative but I don't know if it still is, considering the...
  9. Dean

    How has your Marketing been so far for 2016?

    I was thinking earlier this morning about how the year is going so far for my marketing efforts and earnings and was curious as to how everyone's 2016 is going so far along those lines. Have your marketing efforts and earnings gone as planned, better, worse for 2016? I would say that mine are...
  10. Maria Marketing

    Is a fast reliable intenet connection is needed for marketing?

    I want to get some opinions and see what other members here think about something. I want to know what opinions are as to if a fast and reliable internet connection is needed for successful internet marketing? I live in an old part of the city and there are not many options for internet...
  11. Webisaba Ltd

    What are web beacons

    What are web beacons? They call it sometimes pixels or Web bugs