1. smartman658

    Combining SEO with SMM as a complete strategy?

    Hello, can you please share some strategies and ways to combine SEO work for a website with social media marketing and what are the pros and cons of the process? Any specific details?
  2. smartman658

    What is your opinion on Facebook advertising campaigns?

    Hi, what do you think about creating campaigns on Facebook to advertise a newborn business? Is it effective and can you reach potential customers in no time? Share some strategies and experience.
  3. smartman658

    How to notice if someone is doing Black Hat to my website?

    Hello, what are the indications if someone is trying to black-hat my website? How can i dodge and stop the process? Is it inevitable?
  4. Catherine1

    How can I check to see if email addresses are valid?

    I was reading about some email marketing things the other day and it said that it is a good idea to check your email addresses are valid that you are sending your emails to. I found some checkers online but they did not seem to work because I check a few of my family members and they said they...
  5. Storm

    Buying emails for mailing lists

    I have a small email list for my marketing and I have been thinking about buying an email list bit I don't want to just waste my money. Has anyone bought an email list and actually made money from the list?
  6. Akosi Aldrincaaya

    Hello eveyone :)

    I'm so glad that I finally found a forum to join and share my thoughts. Given that I am a graduate of BSBA Marketing, this site catches my interest and I am pretty sure that I will be able to share very interesting comments.
  7. iamreeence

    How to be a successful marketing affiliate?

    I am curious as to what is a marketing affiliate is and have no idea about it. I also want to ask your personal experiences when you were beginners, I want to have a good head start. I am really interested in this field but, I have no clue where to start. Please give me some techniques and...
  8. Traveler

    How many web hosting affiliate programs do you use?

    I have mainly been using just Godaddy for my web hosting affiliate marketing but I have been wondering if I should expand and start doing more. I use them because so many people know them that it's easy to get sales and the rates are good. Do you use more than 1 if you market web hosting...
  9. augusta

    Installing payment processors on my blogs

    Please I want a simple procedures for installing payments means on my Blog.I want to market some services on my blog,So that buyers can make payments easily.Experts is this what I can do or I need professionals in the field.
  10. alexanderzx360

    What's the importance of video thumbnails?

    Good morning, I'm starting a company soon and I'm probably going to need to make some advertisement videos, I was wondering what's the importance of having designed thumbnails on these videos, do people really mind about them? and what should they be? Thanks!
  11. augusta

    Good marketing sites online

    Hello, I want to start a radical promotion for my blogs and I have been doing it solely on my social media account. I want to take it further now. please point me to good sites online that I can join to promote my blogs for more traffic.
  12. Melker

    Are there any good Android marketing apps?

    I don't always have time to spend on my PC so I was thinking about seeing if there are any kind of Android apps that are for internet marketing uses. Are there any good Android marketing apps that anyone would recommend?
  13. Melker

    What do I build my blog with?

    I am getting back into internet marketing after some time away and want to build a new blog as a launching point and home for my marketing efforts. I'm looking for some help deciding on what to use to make the blog. I was thinking about Joomla or Wordpress because I have some experience with...
  14. Maria Marketing

    Are cooking videos good to market?

    One of the things that my blog covers is cooking and someone told me that maybe I should make some videos showing how to cook some things that I have blog posts on my blog. Are cooking videos good to market or is it better to just have blog posts with the information? I don't know if people...
  15. Traveler

    Have you used Reddit for internet marketing?

    I keep seeing Reddit mentioned a lot around the marketing blogs but nobody says much about it in detail. Has anyone used Reddit for their internet marketing and if you did then was it worth the time?
  16. krishna kodi

    Looking to Increase signups for my website

    Currently I am running online portal for NRIS living in US. I am doing SEO for website and not getting any good results. I am basically looking for more signups, so that users can interact with my website. Mainly my targeted audiences are Indian NRIS living in US. We also provide classified...
  17. Amante Inc

    The boundary between branding and performance is starting to wear off - Part I

    Here AmanteMedia Inc offers you a forecast of how we feel the market of digital-agencies will look like in a few years. Internet advertising market is not only growing rapidly, but also changing very rapidly. If we look back and trace its development, we can see that over the past 10-15 years...
  18. JennyJ

    Is Pinterest good for marketing purposes?

    Hey guys, I am wondering if Pinterest is good for marketing purposes? I'm mostly thinking about using it to get people to come to my blog to read my posts and maybe make a little affiliate money. I just don't see much mentioned about Pinterest and don't know if it's worth the time spent to try...
  19. Catherine1

    Are Google+ pages good for marketing?

    I see most people talking about Facebook and Twitter most of the time when talking about marketing. I don't often see people talking about Google+. Are Google+ pages good for marketing or is it better to stick with Facebook and Twitter?
  20. iworku

    hire local freelancer in US to call a company in NJ

    Our company is specializing in the production of circular knitted interlining and woven fusible interlining. We need you to call MTA MANGEMENT LLC and find the following info: 1. keyperson's contact info: purchase manager for lining cloth or other keypersons making purchase decisions which...