1. Dean

    Do you use Youtube for marketing?

    I have never really utilized Youtube for marketing purposes myself but I know many internet marketers that do use it as part of their internet marketing methods. I am curious how many of our members use Youtube as part of their internet marketing. Do you use Youtube for marketing?
  2. Maria Marketing

    Which is better for affiliates Ebay or Amazon?

    I have been thinking about trying to place affiliate advertisements on my blog for physical goods and have been trying to decide if I should use Ebay or Amazon for this purpose. Which would you use if it was you?
  3. ulterios

    Is Peerfly good?

    I have never used Peerfly before in my affiliate marketing and promotions but have read a little about it and was wondering if Peerfly is any good for affiliate marketing of not. Has anyone used Peerfly or have any good knowledge on it? Is Peerfly good?
  4. Dean

    Facebook vs LinkedIn, which is best?

    I know that most people here probably use Facebook more than LinkedIn for their Internet Marketing purposes. LinkedIn can be good if you are looking for certain audiences. Not looking at the number of members and just looking at the effectiveness I think that they can be pretty close but I...
  5. Storm

    Is Facebook the best social media website for affiliates?

    I am mainly just doing affiliate marketing (trying) and have noticed that most affiliate marketers use Facebook the most as it seems. Is Facebook the best social media website for affiliates?
  6. Maria Marketing

    Are pop-ups a good idea on a marketing blog?

    I have seen marketing blogs with and without pop-ups on them and I was wondering which way would be the best. Are pop-ups a good idea to use on a marketing blog or should they not be used?
  7. Ivemedia LTD


    As part of the conference series ClickZ Live New York, which took place this year, there was a round table discussion which participants tried to get an answer to the burning question: Does Big Data work on marketing, and how exactly? Big Data is not a fangled marketing term for a long time. In...
  8. Dean

    Which social media website do you use the most for marketing?

    I am curious as to which social media website most of you use the most for marketing? I personally use Twitter the most for my marketing efforts although I do use some of the other top social media websites for my marketing due to it's ease of use and that is is more geared towards marketing...
  9. ulterios

    How has your marketing done in 2016?

    As we near the end of 2016 I have been looking through my records to see how well my marketing efforts have done and found that my sales have been about the same as last year for the most part and about what I expected. I was hoping for better numbers but have been busy and haven't been able...
  10. DorisRon


    Several years ago, eMarketer edition wrote that nearly a fifth of the display advertising impressions is carried out automatically. Furthermore, according to a recent study by one of the academics at Oxford University, 47% of all jobs can be automated for twenty years. Everything points to the...
  11. Amante Inc

    Automation does not mean "hands-free"

    Despite the fact that the software for marketing automation is becoming more sophisticated, it is still highly susceptible to human errors. Therefore, the approach to such software should be carefully thought out. We are witnessing how the automated information technologies will fundamentally...
  12. Amante Inc


    While there are heated debates about the most important marketing trends of 2016, we thought it would be nice to announce several categories, which were not included in the trend lists. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has announced the shortlist of 10th annually award IAB MIXX Awards...
  13. Amante Inc


    Although marketing community often speaks of programmatic as the next step in the development of digital advertising, there is ample evidence that marketers feel some confusion about the rapid growth of the power of the new technology. In a recent study, which was jointly held by the company...
  14. Maria Marketing

    Does private or business email matter with marketing?

    I have seen email that is called private or business where you use "[email protected]" instead of something like a gmail or yahoo or something of that sort and was wondering if it really mattered. Does having an email address like I posted above make a difference over a regular email...
  15. Dean

    Is Affiliate Window Any Good?

    I was talking to a fellow internet marketer today and he was telling me that he has to take a break from marketing for a while and at the end of the conversation he did tell me that he makes the most of his money through Affiliate Window. I have never used them before and since he said that he...
  16. Dean

    Do you work 7 days a week?

    I am the type of person that always has to keep busy doing something and partially because of this I work 7 days a week, always. Plus I am always trying to improve my websites and marketing and that contributes to that as well. I am wondering how many, if any, of you work 7 days a week either...
  17. Dean

    How did you get started in internet marketing?

    Someone asked me how I got started in internet marketing earlier today and after giving him my answer I was curious as to why some of my fellow members here got started in internet marketing. I originally got started as a way to add additional income to my earnings to help pay for one of my...
  18. Dean

    What other social media site is good for marketing?

    Hey everyone, I have a question for you. Outside of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin, what are some of the other social media sites that are good for marketing purposes? I am not looking for any one that is good for a particular niche but just good overall. I am thinking about...
  19. Dean

    [POLL] What is your favorite social media network that you use for marketing?

    Which social media network is your favorite to use for your marketing? There is no right or wrong answer, I am just curious what some of our members favorite social media network is based just for marketing purposes. Twitter is my personal favorite for many reasons but the main ones are the...
  20. Storm

    How often to send out marketing emails?

    I was reading about finding the optimum email sending frequency for your mailing lists the other day and it was saying usually once a week is best. Do you guys think that sounds about right or do you use a different time frame? I always though that many people did this about every 2 weeks to a...