Looking to Increase signups for my website

krishna kodi

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Currently I am running online portal for NRIS living in US. I am doing SEO for website and not getting any good results. I am basically looking for more signups, so that users can interact with my website.

Mainly my targeted audiences are Indian NRIS living in US. We also provide classified services in All US states. Anybody can register here to post their requirements.

Looking for early replies.



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Have you tried promoting your website through the social media websites that have members in your target audience? Social media can be a great way to drive traffic to your site and get some more sign-ups.

You might want to check out to see if there are any related Facebook Groups that have members that are the type of people that you are looking for.


Some other ways of promoting include BingAds, AdWords, and Facebook Advertising (aside from paid boosted posts or free sharing). Also, there is guest posting, as well as forum signatures and blog commenting. However, though, of course, normally, you have to do these strategies on high traffic pages for the best results.


SEO does not give youn results over night. It will takes months before you see any result of your SEO effort. Therefore, you should consider more on social media marketing. Social media marketing gives instant result. let me illustrate this. Creat a facebook page for your website. Build followers. Share your links. The folowers will interact with your links. You can also boost your page. By boosting your page youn will not only build followerdbut also generate sign ups.


you need to do of promoting your blog to have more signups.If possible you could go the paid way of paying for ad on the different social media platforms which would aid wider coverage.


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Try promoting your website through social media like Facebook Ads. And target specific audiences. Hope this will help.