affiliate marketing

  1. smartman658

    How to make money with affiliate marketing ?

    Hello, I started my blog a couple of months ago, but never used affiliate marketing. How does it work, i've heard that many people are earning money from it? Any recommendations?
  2. Milana

    Are Facebook groups a good way to promote affiliate offers?

    I have read that many people have been successful using Facebook groups for making money with affiliate marketing but I can not find out exactly how they do it and if they really are good for affiliate marketing. Are Facebook groups good for affiliate marketing and if they are then what are the...
  3. fbc

    How to start an affiliate marketing?

    Surfing the internet, I found out that there are many ways to make money online which one of them is through affiliate marketing. This is the easiest, no risk method of making money online. But, since I am very new in affiliate marketing, I do not know what to do and where to start from. There...
  4. Tom

    Hey am new here and happy to be here!

    Wish to get more traffic to my CPA offers i believe i will get a good vendor and ideas into delivering the same. Cheers
  5. Joan Angeles

    Blog + Affiliate Marketing

    Hi everyone, I just started my blog a month ago. My niche is about everything, about my experience with everything. It is like storytelling but with life meaning and about realizations. I know it doesn't sound marketable. I watched a youtube video before and it is about affiliate marketing. I...
  6. Traveler

    Do you make good money from web hosting affiliate programs?

    I have been marketing these on my blog since I started it and it seems like they have times when the sales are good and happen often and other where it will go several weeks or longer with no sales. Do web hosting affiliate sales have lots of slow periods with sales or is it me?
  7. Michael

    Affiliate advertisement sizes

    A question for you experienced affiliate marketing Pros. Does the size of the affiliate advertisement that you use on your site play a big role in how well they do? Is bigger the better size or maybe just something that fits right?
  8. Maria Marketing

    Recurring commissions vs. one time commissions

    I was looking at some things on Clickbank and there seem to be several things that have recurring commissions for things that people buy on a monthly subscription but the commission amounts are low. I have not marketed these recurring items before and was wondering if they are worth it or not...
  9. Catherine1

    Which is better, Adsense or Affiliate Marketing?

    I have been thinking about applying to get approved by Google Adsense and in doing some information gathering I have found that there are many people that recommend affiliate marketing over Adsense. They don't really go into detail but say that affiliate marketing usually makes more money but...
  10. JennyJ

    Can I market unrelated affiliate products on my blog?

    I want to know what other affiliate marketers think about marketing affiliate products that are not related to the niche of my blog. I see some things have good profits and sales numbers but they aren't related to my niche. What do you think about having unrelated affiliate items on my blog?
  11. KeralMTG

    What is the best affiliate traffic source?

    I want to get more traffic for my affiliate marketing and want to know what is the best traffic source for affiliates. Do you have any good suggestions?
  12. Storm

    Is Shareasale good to use?

    Lately I have been using mostly cj affiliate for my affiliate marketing. I have not really used Shareasale much because it seems like they don't have the best selection of advertisers. Has anyone had any good experiences with Shareasale and if so then is Shareasale good in your opinion?
  13. Dean

    Is Affiliate Window Any Good?

    I was talking to a fellow internet marketer today and he was telling me that he has to take a break from marketing for a while and at the end of the conversation he did tell me that he makes the most of his money through Affiliate Window. I have never used them before and since he said that he...
  14. Dean

    What's your favorite independent affiliate program?

    Someone asked me yesterday what my favorite independent affiliate program was. I really use mostly affiliate networks like Commission Junction, SharAsale and similar programs and do not market/promote a lot of independent affiliate programs (affiliate programs that are run by the seller/company...
  15. Muzzamil

    Hi My name is Muzzamil..

    My name is Muzzamil. I am looking forward to connecting with other people on this forum website. I am a Internet Marketer, author, blogger, article writer, and social media advertiser. If anyone ever need my help, please don't hesitate to direct message me. I would love to help you every single...
  16. elcidofaguy

    Hiring CB Clicksale IM Toolbox 100% Commissions Plus Monthly 60% Recurring

    Dear All, CB Clicksale is about to launch on the 8th January 2016 after almost 2 years in the making to take it this far. Its a one of a kind IM toolbox which has many unique capabilities as highlighted in the below poster. As a JV/Affiliate you get 100% commission on the front end sale and...