What is the best affiliate traffic source?


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I want to get more traffic for my affiliate marketing and want to know what is the best traffic source for affiliates. Do you have any good suggestions?

Maria Marketing

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I don't know much about what the best traffic source for affiliates is but I see that many people use Facebook or Google Adwords advertising for their traffic. I guess if it makes good money then paid traffic would be easier but I am not sure myself.


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Different traffic sources will react differently to different offers in different niches etc. Some will work and bring a return, some will not.

I'd suggest you try out different options - whether that be FB, media buys, PPC etc - track the results, see which gives you the best ROI and zero in on that.


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Finding the best affiliate traffic source will depend on several things like the niche that you are in, what you are marketing, your target audience or viewers and lots of other factors.

What I usually do is try to do a little testing if I am looking for traffic for something that I have not marketed before.

Of course a couple of the usual sources are usually among those that I try. Sources like Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads are some of the ones I tend to try out.


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Organic traffic sources works great with affiliate marketing. You can use search engine traffic which converts very well with affiliate products and create some good leads for you. Well I find bing ads works great with affiliate products.


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You can do some SEO for your website to help improve it's rankings in the search websites and that will get more traffic if your rankings are better. That can take some time to see a big improvement so you can do some PPC advertising until the SEO starts to bring you better rankings.


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When I was looking for information on affiliate traffic sources most of the people were saying that paid traffic is the best. It's just the matter of if you want to pay for your traffic or not.


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Usually the best traffic source is from organic searches because the people that wind up on your website or blog got there because they were searching for something in particular that is on your site.

After organic search traffic then PPC traffic can be another good source of targeted traffic. Google AdWords, Bing ads, Facebook Ads and other similar PPC advertisers work well for good traffic.

Sudipta Sen

If you have a brand new business and haven’t built a list yet, you need other sources of traffic.
After an in-house list, affiliates provide the next highest converting source of traffic.
Getting affiliate traffic means using sites like:
Clickbank, Commission Junction, Share a Sale and leveraging the traffic that these sites get for your own site.


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Best is a matter of opinion. If you mean best by means of cost then either organic search traffic or social media traffic will be best.

If you are talking about getting sales or signups then pay per click advertising will probably be best for most cases because people got there by seeing some kind of ad so they know what to expect.