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Joan Angeles

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Hi everyone,

I just started my blog a month ago. My niche is about everything, about my experience with everything. It is like storytelling but with life meaning and about realizations. I know it doesn't sound marketable. I watched a youtube video before and it is about affiliate marketing. I found out that it is not that easy to do affiliate marketing because your ads should be also related or relatable with your blog. What do you think should I do?
I would appreciate responses.


I think that you can make money with affiliate marketing no matter what your blog is about but it might just be harder if you have a vast variety of topics covered.

What I would do is try to figure out what kind of people come to your blog and try to find affiliate products that work for those. Look at ages, locations, languages and anything else that might help you find out who and what your blog visitors are and then go from there.

Lee Ann Hargrave

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Your blog niche might be a little broad. Everything is a pretty big thing. Try narrowing your blog to include topics that would interest your affiliate prospects or potential downline affiliates. Giving something away, like an e-book can be a lot of help as well. Good Luck!


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I agree that you might have a bit of a hard time since literally, everything is... just too much. What most affiliate marketers do before setting up a blog or a website, is pick a niche and do extensive research on keywords for the purposes of SEO. So, they can easily get organic results and good ranks on search engines. Then it's really easy to take advantage of affiliate programs.

I suggest that you try to write some more specific articles on your blog and then perhaps try to integrate certain products within there.


you can still join affiliate marketing despite your blog niches.But it would have been better to narrow it down to either two to three niches per blog that way you could get an affiliate products or services that is in consonance with your blog.

So you can go ahead and join either Amazon,Kongo or eBay,depending on the one you have interest for.

Maria Marketing

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You can make sure that you blog has Google analytics or something similar that can tell you statistics about who the people are that come to your blog and where they are from. Use that information and any other information that you can find out about the people that come to your blog and find affiliate items that are good based on those statistics.

You can also try to get approved for Google Adsense or a similar program that will show the people that come to your blog advertisements based on their searches.