How to start an affiliate marketing?


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Surfing the internet, I found out that there are many ways to make money online which one of them is through affiliate marketing. This is the easiest, no risk method of making money online. But, since I am very new in affiliate marketing, I do not know what to do and where to start from. There are too many information out there in the internet that make me do not know which one to follow. As all of you have been successful in affiliate marketing, can you please tell me how I should start affiliate marketing step by step?


I am not a professional affiliate marketer and I still have many things to learn but I have been getting more success over the time I have been doing it and based on many different things I can say that there are several different ways to get started.

What has worked for me was that I started a blog in a niche that I knew about and was highly interested in first. After that I started writing blog posts about things that I thought would attract people to my blog. Then I started placing affiliate advertisements for things that were related to what my blog posts were about. This helps to give people things that they might be interested in and you should start to get some conversions and start making money.

Lately I started doing some reviews of some things on my blog and having affiliate links and advertisements to those products so it people liked what they read they could then check on those things and maybe make a purchase or signup for something that I would get money from.

Another thing that many people do is to build an email list and do email marketing but I have not done too much of that because I don't have a large email list.

There are some other ways like social media advertising and marketing but I haven't done that other than to market my blog posts and my reviews so that people could go to my blog to read my posts and maybe make a purchase or signup for something I was marketing.


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To be successful in affiliate marketing, one must have an active website. An active website gives you the credibility to market a product or a service. Also, the product or services that you are trying to affiliate with your website must be related to the latter. Only then can the affiliate marketing be effective


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If you want to make some good amounts of money then you have to find something to market that people want. If you have a blog or emailing list then find some things that are ones those kind of people will maybe want then you market those ones.