How much time on social media daily?


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I usually tend to spend around 2 hours per week doing social media. The problem with social media, at least in my field of work, web hosting, is that the customers are not there. The only real effective network where you gain interaction is done via Twitter. And I am not sure how many sales we even had from Twitter. Facebook, Google+, LinkedIN are useless. On Facebook some customers come to read reviews and so on but they only stay for a few minutes and never return.
So basically Social Media is done just to be present there but without any real returns.
I have seen a lot more web hosting marketing and promoting on Twitter than anywhere else so I guess your statement is about the same for most web hosting providers.

Do you do paid advertising on Twitter or just market and promote your services yourself?


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No paid advertising. Just interacting with customers and potential partners. And once in a while a tweet announcing a new product or a change to our line of products. Twitter is also very useful and you gain traction whenever there is a web hosting event such as WorldHostingDays. Everything is done via Twitter and you have a real chance of getting customers or business deals then.


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Twitter is also very useful and you gain traction whenever there is a web hosting event such as WorldHostingDays. Everything is done via Twitter and you have a real chance of getting customers or business deals then.
It's good that you are utilizing Twitter for all it's benefits. Some people and businesses don't realize all that you can gain from it's use. ;)


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I am trying to learn more about internet marketing so right now I am spending more time to learn about some things so I spend about 2 hours. I have only used facebook for my personal use in the past so I am trying to learn the other social media websites.


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My personal advice - spend as little time as possible. If you're using it to educate yourself, that might be different, but what I find is people tend to get stuck there, commenting, posting and sharing things, and not actually - making anything happen.

It's a good idea to set a plan for what you're going to be doing at any given time you log onto facebook, imo. If you're using it to learn about internet marketing, then every day you should set a time limit for learning the thing you are interested in learning and digging into it. If you're using it to grow your customer base and interact in a group, then set a time limit for that.

Otherwise, I find it's easy to get distracted and re-open facebook every 30 minutes to check something, and not realize you've lost 30 minutes. Use a tool like Rescuetime or something similar, and make a plan for yourself, is my advice.

Lastly - if you're using FB to learn, you might be going at it the wrong way. You need a few books and a mentor. You'll get a lot further with some experienced teachers than a lot of people throwing things at social media and seeing what sticks. (My opinion only.)

Sudipta Sen

Its depend on you. But I believe that the average amount of time that I spend on my social media activities would be somewhere around an hour or so. Some days it's less than that and some days it's more but I believe that it averages an hour.


I don't spend a lot of time socializing on social media sites but I have been spending a lot of time looking around and info gathering for my money making ventures.

You might be surprised at how much you can learn and find out by just looking around and bouncing from one account to another.


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At first I was not on the social media website but only a few minutes each day maybe but I have been on them much more lately as I am learning their uses better.


I used to not spend too much time on social media but with me doing some info gathering for my internet marketing ventures I have been on it a lot more lately. I'm on them at least an hour a day checking on things.

Social media is said by many to be the best source for traffic so I am trying to learn about the things that people do for that.


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We can not deny that what we see the most nowadays is people with their faces into the phone, almost isolated from real world. I even know people that can be in a room reunited with friends, and still checking on their phones. That's so bad! I realized I was being swallowed by social media too... so I started to put some limits. Currently I try to use social media for no longer than two hours per day.
Hello ! I usually spent 15-20 hours a day doing social media. Well, when I was a little kid I am using social media to learn some sort of things that can improve my personal, emotional, and spiritual aspects in my life. But sometimes social media making your day so bad just like cyber bullying, cyber blackmail. But most of the time social media for me is a better way to make things easy and possible.


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I really don't do any social media activities other than spamming people on Facebook with referral links.

Unless instant messengers count as social media. I'm always hooked up to one of those. Besides, I heard that social media is an extroverts game.


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Well I think if I will compute the hours I spend in social media it will be about less or more than 5 hours a day... I spend more time in my facebook account.. just getting updated on what is the latest news and also to know whats the status of my friends also to update mine.. having chat with my friends and play social app game... then I also check my Twitter account but I spend more time in watching videos in youtube... like DIY videos and some tutorials that can give me some tips to start up my own business...

Raeann Bell

It is depends on your business volume. I think 1 hour is enough for social media in a day for promote your business.


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I spend about 90 minutes a day maintaining the social media accounts I run. This includes finding, scheduling, and creating content, responding to any messages the account has received, and strategically liking and commenting on posts/tweets. By far the biggest time suck is content creation but I really like Canva for easy images and documents. It's nowhere near as comprehensive as Photoshop but it's awesome for throwing up a funny post about, say, National Watermelon Day. Which is today, in case that's something you can play with on your accounts!


I am sure that this definitely fluctuates for me daily, but, I guess, on average, I would say about four or five hours a day cumulative--and I am counting responding to forums such as this in my equation, if that makes sense. I use social media to promote everything I am doing online, so it is pretty high-maintenance.


To be a hundred per cent honest here I hate social medias. I think they are a great tool when it comes to giving your work some exposure but that is it. I don't really appreciate tons of people trying to promote themselves. That said there is no way to avoid it. I keep my facebook logged and check every hour or so to see the notifications and that's it.