1. ulterios

    How much time on social media daily?

    More and more people that I talk to and deal with are spending more and more time on the social media sites. I seem to spend less than many people I deal with. I try to be very efficient with my time on them and spend roughly 30 minutes on them doing various tasks, give or take, per day. So I...
  2. Dean

    What other social media site is good for marketing?

    Hey everyone, I have a question for you. Outside of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin, what are some of the other social media sites that are good for marketing purposes? I am not looking for any one that is good for a particular niche but just good overall. I am thinking about...
  3. Ana

    Should I use a separate email for social websites?

    Hello friends on Internet Marketing Star. I have a question for some people with more knowledge about the social websites. I am going to be registering for my accounts soon and was wondering if I should make a new email address to use for these websites? Some people told me there is a lot of...