1. smartman658

    What is your opinion on Facebook advertising campaigns?

    Hi, what do you think about creating campaigns on Facebook to advertise a newborn business? Is it effective and can you reach potential customers in no time? Share some strategies and experience.
  2. DesmondHayes


    First of all, I excuse if this topic already exists and some moderators move the topic freely. I'm curious about the program, some script or anything that can suddenly erase the entire wall or wall on facebook. I use facebook since 2008 and I think it makes no sense to delete one by one post, I...
  3. Nomnom

    What time does a post on Facebook get the most views?

    Facebook is one of the main social networks in which I promote my sites. I post whenever I have free time. Sometimes I post before I go to work. At times, I post when I'm having my lunch at work. Sometimes I post just before going home. Sometimes I post at night. But I haven't tried to look at...
  4. Joan Angeles

    Social Media Accounts

    Hi everyone, I have a client who wants me to manage his social media accounts. He is in an e-commerce business. To be honest with you, I really don't know anything about e-commerce business. What I did is researched and watched videos for me to be at least familiar with it. I am still confused...
  5. Storm

    Why am I getting so many Facebook likes?

    I have a Facebook page that I have for my technology blog and it has gone for quite a long time with only 2-3 likes. Then about maybe 2 weeks ago it started getting a few likes every day and it's around 60 likes already. I haven't done anything differently but all of a sudden I am getting likes...
  6. JennyJ

    Which is best for traffic, Adwords, Facebook or Bing?

    I want to try to get some more traffic for my blog and I have been thinking about using one of these advertising networks but I don't know which would be best to get more traffic for my blog. Which of these would be best for getting more blog traffic?
  7. Catherine1

    Can you use Facebook Ads for Clickbank products?

    I have seen that Clickbank has some good commission rates and was looking at marketing some of them. I was thinking about using Facebook Ads but I didn't know if that's allowed and I can't find any information on it. Can you use Facebook Ads for Clickbank products?
  8. Dean

    Facebook vs LinkedIn, which is best?

    I know that most people here probably use Facebook more than LinkedIn for their Internet Marketing purposes. LinkedIn can be good if you are looking for certain audiences. Not looking at the number of members and just looking at the effectiveness I think that they can be pretty close but I...
  9. Storm

    Is Facebook the best social media website for affiliates?

    I am mainly just doing affiliate marketing (trying) and have noticed that most affiliate marketers use Facebook the most as it seems. Is Facebook the best social media website for affiliates?
  10. Catherine1

    Email sign-ups on Facebook

    They have an option on Facebook pages to add a sign-up button to your page but I don't know if adding one of these is a good idea or not. Does anyone use sign-up buttons on Facebook or have any thoughts on if they would be a good idea or not?
  11. Amante Inc

    Tactics of SMM traffic generation

    We hope you have already understood that the position of "more posts in social groups give more traffic to the site" leads to failure. It's no secret that if it was not so, then a couple dozens of posts in social networks would bring thousands of visitors to the site every day. Nevertheless...
  12. Catherine1

    Is it worth it to boost posts on Facebook?

    I keep getting these messages on Facebook about boosting my posts but I have never tried it. Does anyone know if this will get any good results or if it's just a waste of time?
  13. ulterios

    How much time on social media daily?

    More and more people that I talk to and deal with are spending more and more time on the social media sites. I seem to spend less than many people I deal with. I try to be very efficient with my time on them and spend roughly 30 minutes on them doing various tasks, give or take, per day. So I...
  14. DorisRon


    Stephanie Bauer Marshall, who serves as a director of marketing for Verizon Wireless, is confident that the mobile advertising ecosystem is in chaos today. And cross-device tracking technology helps brands and publishers to make sense of the chaos. What is cross-device tracking? This is a...
  15. DorisRon


    Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL are "big five" of digital advertising, which simply could not get past the algorithmic buying. If give the companies the traits of animals from the list of the most honorable trophies of African safari, then Google, of course, is the lion, which means...
  16. ulterios

    Have you tried Facebook Ads?

    There seem to be varying articles around the web about how well Facebook ads work for marketing. So I am curious as to if any of our members have tried Facebook ads and how well they performed when you did use them. I am interested in all information and experiences, good or bad.
  17. ulterios

    Which Social Media Website Have You Had The Most Success With?

    Using the social media websites for marketing and advertising is one of the most used methods for internet marketers to utilize. I am curios what social media website members here have had the most success in using. Whether it's for sales, leads, traffic, etc., which social media website would...