1. Ben

    Has anyone built a website using Bootstrap?

    I have been playing around with a test website using Bootstrap but it is far off from what I am used to using. I have mainly used content management systems like Wordpress and other similar software so this is quite different. I like the speed that a website will load built with Bootstrap which...
  2. JennyJ

    Posting on Twitter around the clock

    Is it a good idea to post on Twitter around the clock? I usually post on there at hours that are morning, afternoon and evening where I am and not in the early hours of the morning. I was wondering if it's worth the time to set something up for Tweets in the wee hours of the morning as well...
  3. Catherine1

    Will likes get more followers on Twitter?

    I have seen that I am starting to get more and more people liking my Tweets on Twitter and then following me as well. This makes me wonder if I should like the Tweets of other for the purpose of getting more followers. Anyone think this will get more followers?
  4. Traveler

    How often should I Tweet?

    I am starting to use Twitter more for my marketing needs and want to know some thoughs about how often I should Tweet to be the most effective. What do you guys think?
  5. Maria Marketing

    Is Twitter advertising good?

    I have been thinking about trying out Twitter advertising but I do not know if it is worth it or not. Does anyone know if Twitter advertising is any good or not?
  6. Dean

    Does Twitter have too much spam and fake accounts?

    Twitter is great for us internet marketers since we can reach a lot of people and businesses very easily. Lately though I have noticed a huge increase in spam and fake accounts. Do you think that it's getting out of hand and that Twitter should do something about this or does it not matter to you?
  7. Amante Inc

    Tactics of SMM traffic generation

    We hope you have already understood that the position of "more posts in social groups give more traffic to the site" leads to failure. It's no secret that if it was not so, then a couple dozens of posts in social networks would bring thousands of visitors to the site every day. Nevertheless...
  8. ulterios

    How much time on social media daily?

    More and more people that I talk to and deal with are spending more and more time on the social media sites. I seem to spend less than many people I deal with. I try to be very efficient with my time on them and spend roughly 30 minutes on them doing various tasks, give or take, per day. So I...
  9. KeralMTG

    How do I get more followers on Twitter?

    I started a Twitter account a few months ago and I have only been able to get about 200 followers. What are some good ways to get more followers? If you have any tips then I will appreciate it very much.
  10. DorisRon


    Stephanie Bauer Marshall, who serves as a director of marketing for Verizon Wireless, is confident that the mobile advertising ecosystem is in chaos today. And cross-device tracking technology helps brands and publishers to make sense of the chaos. What is cross-device tracking? This is a...
  11. ulterios

    Which Social Media Website Have You Had The Most Success With?

    Using the social media websites for marketing and advertising is one of the most used methods for internet marketers to utilize. I am curios what social media website members here have had the most success in using. Whether it's for sales, leads, traffic, etc., which social media website would...