1. Milana

    Should we give up on Google+?

    I just started using Google+ to market the blog posts on my blog and now the last couple of days I have seen some things that said that Google is going to kill Google+ and shut it down. Is that true and should we just forget about it and concentrate on Facebook and some other social media...
  2. Catherine1

    Are Google+ pages good for marketing?

    I see most people talking about Facebook and Twitter most of the time when talking about marketing. I don't often see people talking about Google+. Are Google+ pages good for marketing or is it better to stick with Facebook and Twitter?
  3. ulterios

    How much time on social media daily?

    More and more people that I talk to and deal with are spending more and more time on the social media sites. I seem to spend less than many people I deal with. I try to be very efficient with my time on them and spend roughly 30 minutes on them doing various tasks, give or take, per day. So I...
  4. ulterios

    Which Social Media Website Have You Had The Most Success With?

    Using the social media websites for marketing and advertising is one of the most used methods for internet marketers to utilize. I am curios what social media website members here have had the most success in using. Whether it's for sales, leads, traffic, etc., which social media website would...