1. smartman658

    Best Platform For SEO ?

    Hi, i had a debate with a colleague which is the most efficient website platform for optimization? He thinks that Wordpress is not the best right now and i can't simply agree with that. What are you all guys thinking ?
  2. smartman658

    Combining SEO with SMM as a complete strategy?

    Hello, can you please share some strategies and ways to combine SEO work for a website with social media marketing and what are the pros and cons of the process? Any specific details?
  3. smartman658

    How to notice if someone is doing Black Hat to my website?

    Hello, what are the indications if someone is trying to black-hat my website? How can i dodge and stop the process? Is it inevitable?
  4. Maria Marketing

    Should I build links to my home page or my post pages?

    I know that I need to build more links to my blog to have it get better rankings and get more traffic for it but I am not sure about something. Should I try to build the links to the home page of my blog or to the individual blog posts? Any advice or any kind of good information will be very...
  5. Maria Marketing

    Will making changes to my blog layout hurt it's rankings?

    I want to make some design changes to my blog to make it look more modern looking and maybe help it to load a little faster with a better theme. Will changing the layout of my blog hurt it's search engine rankings?
  6. EasyDeasy

    Beginner's guide to SEO?

    Hi, all! I just started getting into SEO. Can anyone here link me to any free beginner guides or resources? I'm specifically interested in SEO for brand marketing, the kind that's in demand for freelance writers like me. It seems you can't just know how to write -- you also gotta know a bit...
  7. EasyDeasy

    New guy here

    Hey there! I'm EasyDeasy, a part-time freelance writer from the Philippines. So I tried singing up to a few freelance sites, and I see a lot of postings for SEO specialists. Figured I want to learn about SEO -- and so here I am joining this community. Can anyone direct me to any free...
  8. Maria Marketing

    How can I check my keyword rankings?

    I want to see what keywords or search phrases I am ranking highly for but I am not sure how to do that. Does anyone know an easy way to check this?
  9. macfais

    SEO - Learning from Scratch (Episode 01)

    I am introducing this new thread regarding my self study on SEO. As a beginner, I am requesting our masters out there to guide me or to correct me if there is something wrong with everything I will be sharing about my daily learnings. This is for me to ensure only that I am on the right...
  10. BannersLanders

    Translation Service by Native Speakers

    Transey is a speedy translation service. It’s an affordable translation service and – crucially for our customers – it’s a high-quality translation service. We translate from English to any target language/s.
  11. JennyJ

    Does having too many widgets hurt SEO?

    I was reading something earlier that said that if you have too many widgets on your website then that might affect the SEO and hurt your site. Is that true or is that just someones theory? I have to admit that I don't know much about SEO but that seems like that wouldn't be right.
  12. Ana

    Do Wordpress themes affect SEO?

    I was reading that themes can impact many things on a Wordpress blog and one place I read that the theme can affect the SEO of your blog. Is this true or maybe just something someone thinks?
  13. Michael

    Which CMS has the best SEO?

    I have a question I need some help with guys. Which CMS is the best from an SEO standpoint? I want to make a blog and want to use the CMS that gives the best SEO to start with so any recommendations will be appreciated. Thanks
  14. squeeze

    Selling Proxyhulk Affordable Proxies-Shared & Private Starting At 15$

    Proxyhulk offer cheap Anonymous ( Private & Shared Proxies ) with low price starting at 15$ for with Unlimited Bandwidth and Multiple locations across USA our support 24/7 you can get your account in few minutes by instant activation Our proxies are fully anonymous, protecting your IP...
  15. Marcos

    Are link exchanges good for SEO or bad?

    I saw that many places around have link exchanges for website owners. Are these good for SEO and will they help my blog or do the search engine penalize your website if they learn that you are having link exchanges?
  16. Kania

    Should I just build backlinks to my home page?

    I have been trying to build some backlinks for my blog and I wanted to know if it is good to try to build them mostly to my home page so it can rank higher or should I build them to different pages and blog posts? What is the best for SEO?
  17. Storm

    Will a redesigning a blog hurt it's SEO?

    I have been thinking about redesigning one of my blogs and was wondering if I do some drastic changes will it affect it's SEO and rankings. Has anyone done this and seen any changes in their rankings either good or bad?
  18. KeralMTG

    Short or Long blog post titles for SEO

    which is best for our blog post titles to have the best SEO. Is it better to have short blog post titles or longer titles?
  19. KeralMTG

    Is guest blogging good or bad for SEO?

    I am thinking about having some people do guest blogging on my blog to maybe help it get better search engine rankings but I don't know if that is good for SEO or bad for it. Is guest blogging good or bad for SEO?
  20. krishna kodi

    Looking to Increase signups for my website

    Currently I am running online portal for NRIS living in US. I am doing SEO for website and not getting any good results. I am basically looking for more signups, so that users can interact with my website. Mainly my targeted audiences are Indian NRIS living in US. We also provide classified...