Automation does not mean "hands-free"

Automation does not mean "hands-free"

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    Despite the fact that the software for marketing automation is becoming more sophisticated, it is still highly susceptible to human errors. Therefore, the approach to such software should be carefully thought out.

    We are witnessing how the automated information technologies will fundamentally change the world around us - there are already cars that brake and park by themselves, refrigerators that notify you when you need to replenish the supply of food, televisions that record only those programs that are of interest to you. You would think that a secret invasion of robots has started.

    Sales do not stay aside - this sector of the market today is characterized by the phenomenon of "Marketing Automation", which is becoming more accessible to companies of different levels.

    Like the consumer technologies that at the very beginning have been available only to the elite, until recently only large companies could afford the automation of marketing processes. But the market is not standing still. Today, both medium and small enterprises use the software for the automation (albeit with some caution, common to all marketers). Just like in the case of cars that can drive without a driver, on autopilot: automation is fine, but in terms of marketing it is quite dangerous to take your hands completely off the wheel.

    The main objective of marketing is to use software for sales automation efficiently. Below there are some practical tips that will help marketers to take advantage of the best of existing technologies without the risk of being enslaved by an innovative software.

    Do not move too fast immediately

    Using the software for automation of trade for the first time, choose the most manageable and easy campaign. This will give you a better chance of success. Instead of learning from large, complex campaigns, begin to explore means of automation, focusing on such tactical tasks as follow-up of the campaign when we can immediately evaluate the effectiveness.

    Spend a few simple tests of the "engine"

    The term "automation" often forces many marketers believe that all work processes can be on autopilot. This is a misconception. Human factors can always intervene, that's why it is crucial for marketers to keep a finger on the pulse. Make sure that everything is working as it was originally planned, and that there are no weak links in the chain. If you do not do it, you can easily lose potential customers, and it is certainly not the aim pursued by any self-respecting manager.

    Integration is the key to everything

    The main marketing challenge for any company is to maximize stimulate sales, so you must ensure that the scheme of trade marketing you have chosen is the same as your company's sales cycle - from lead generation (creation or generation of interest or request from a potential customer in relation to the certain products or services) to signing of an agreement with the client. The integration of all automated marketing platforms with CRM ensures full interoperability and data exchange, as well as gives an opportunity to measure the effectiveness of all marketing activities.

    Conduct long campaigns

    Marketing automation allows you to interact with your customers over a longer period of time providing regular and relevant content. An automated platform will gather detailed information about customers, helping you to understand their interests and preferences. This is extremely useful in the case of B2B cycles to demonstrate the value of your offer and the level of expertise, if the company is characterized by long sales cycles and buying processes, which can take anywhere from several weeks to several years.

    In addition, the performance and high levels of efficiency will make it possible to create detailed consumer profiles. In turn, this will allow you to continue the segmentation of the audience, provide potential customers with targeted content and as a result make additional sales.

    How many of us do keep control of the situation?

    It is vitally important to find time to get to the core of all tools and platforms aimed at marketing automation: it is necessary to know exactly how they work, how they integrate with existing CRM-strategy, and what gives the best results for your marketing campaigns.

    Every marketer would have to recognize the importance of continuous testing and optimization of all taken automation solutions. Opportunities to test are infinite: themes of emails, links, content, time of day, suitable for mailing, etc. In addition to the fact that testing process helps minimize such human errors as spelling errors or entering incorrect contact information, it ensures that the marketing campaign will be successful, increasing your ROI got through automation of marketing processes.

    The problem is that only a small part of marketers today is doing it. If companies are counting on real profits, they should focus on improving methods for the use of their software.