1. smartman658

    How to make money with affiliate marketing ?

    Hello, I started my blog a couple of months ago, but never used affiliate marketing. How does it work, i've heard that many people are earning money from it? Any recommendations?
  2. proxmarket

    Recruiting Affiliates

    What is the best way to find affiliates to recruit new products that payout a 100% commission structure? Thank you in advance.
  3. Maria Marketing

    Can you make good money with Jvzoo?

    I have seen some good and bad things about Jvzoo and wanted to know if you can make good money with them or not. Has anyone made good money with them and are they worth the time?
  4. iamreeence

    How to be a successful marketing affiliate?

    I am curious as to what is a marketing affiliate is and have no idea about it. I also want to ask your personal experiences when you were beginners, I want to have a good head start. I am really interested in this field but, I have no clue where to start. Please give me some techniques and...
  5. augusta

    Which affiliate is the best for International users

    I know there are a lot of affiliate sites to join.But most doesn't accept some counties like clickshare.Please which affiliate site can a Nigerian work with to maximize profit.
  6. JennyJ

    Higher or lower Payout thresholds

    I have some affiliate programs that have payout thresholds that you can adjust. You can set them at the minimum payout threshold or something above that if you want. I have always done the minimum payout thresholds myself. Is there any benefit to using a higher payout threshold? I just don't...
  7. Catherine1

    Is Chitika good?

    I have been looking at Chitika for some time off and on but I don't know if it's any good. Has anyone used them or know if they are good? I don't want to waste my time if they are not worth the time and effort or not. Any good info will be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Kania

    What are the best affiliate products to market for video gaming niche?

    Hi friend of internet marketing star. I would like to know what you think are the best affiliate products to market for the video gaming niche. I have found some but I really don't know which ones are better. Which ones do you think are good for the video gaming nice? Thank you :D
  9. Kania

    Are Pay Per Download affiliate programs good?

    I saw some affiliate programs where you get paid for people downloading software but I did not know this program existed before. Are these kinds of affiliate programs good to make money with or are they a waste of time? I don't want to join something that is wasting my time.
  10. Kania

    High commission vs low commission

    I was reading some blog posts and it got me to thinking. Would it be better to market high commission affiliate things on my site but I will make less sales or would it be better to market the low commission affiliate things that will sell more quantity. Which one should I try to do? High...
  11. Maria Marketing

    Are affiliate product reviews good for traffic and sales?

    I have been reading that doing affiliate product reviews can sometimes be good to help your blog get more traffic and sales. Are these really that good and do they work for all niche types? I am looking for ways to get more traffic and affiliate sales. My blog is in the cooking niche that I am...
  12. JennyJ

    Do t-shirt affiliate programs sell well?

    I have a fashion niche blog and I was looking for some different affiliate programs that would work well for my niche and I found some t-shirt affiliate programs. Do t-shirt affiliate programs sell well?
  13. Kania

    Does each blog need approval?

    If I get approved for an affiliate program and I later want to put the same affiliate ads on another blog do I have to get it also approved?
  14. Kania

    Does website traffic matter for approval?

    Hi guys, I was wanting to apply for some affiliate programs soon and I was wondering if website traffic matters to get approved? I am going to make a new blog and I want to have some affiliate advertisements when I launch it but I do not know if the traffic matters to get approved. What do you...
  15. JennyJ

    Are web hosting affiliate programs good?

    I'm pretty new at affiliate marketing but I have seen a lot of people that are marketing web hosting offers. Are web hosting affiliate programs good to market?
  16. Maria Marketing

    Which is better for affiliates Ebay or Amazon?

    I have been thinking about trying to place affiliate advertisements on my blog for physical goods and have been trying to decide if I should use Ebay or Amazon for this purpose. Which would you use if it was you?
  17. Catherine1

    Is Maxbounty good for new internet marketers?

    I was looking at some reviews on Maxbounty and it seems like it is a good network for internet marketers but I don't know if it is good for people who are on the new side of internet marketing or just for experienced internet marketers. do you know if Maxbounty is good for new internet marketers?
  18. ulterios

    Is Peerfly good?

    I have never used Peerfly before in my affiliate marketing and promotions but have read a little about it and was wondering if Peerfly is any good for affiliate marketing of not. Has anyone used Peerfly or have any good knowledge on it? Is Peerfly good?
  19. Dean

    Do you market ClickBank products?

    I have never done much with ClickBank myself although I am planning on getting more active in promoting ClickBank products this year, I am curious as to how many Internet Marketing Star members market ClickBank products. Do you market ClickBank products?
  20. Storm

    Is the Godaddy affiliate program good?

    I have been looking at affiliate programs and I have seen that the Godaddy affiliate program on cj seems to pay really well and it seems like a good program but I am not sure if it really is good or not. Has anyone used the Godaddy affiliate program and if so did it do well for you?