Which affiliate is the best for International users


I know there are a lot of affiliate sites to join.But most doesn't accept some counties like clickshare.Please which affiliate site can a Nigerian work with to maximize profit.


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I really can't speak as to which would be best for your country but I do know that ShareaSale is allowed in Nigeria and it's one of the top affiliate networks.

I have used them myself for many years and have always had good success with them. They have a wide variety of advertisers to choose from in just about any niche that you could want.

They are also real good at getting affiliate payments out to their affiliates on time every month which is something that we all like.

Here is the ShareaSale page that states that they accept Nigeria: http://www.shareasale.com/international.cfm

Other than ShareaSale I am not sure who else to check for sure but you may want to look into Rakuten since they do have a lot of affiliates all around the world.


Thanks @ Gazoo,will try this out.I really want to be active with affiliate marketing.But this issue of PayPal limiting our account isn't funny.All the same looking out to see how to go about this.