1. Alexgracias

    I'm new here

    Passionate Digital marketer by profession; I am hopeful will find some fruitful discussions here that will add to my skills and knowledge.
  2. DenisMNE

    Hello ! Newbie here !

    Hello ! My name is Denis.I am 22 years old and I am coming from Montenegro. I am glad that I joined this site and I am looking forward to share my thoughts, experiences and ideas with you people. I am sure I will have a fun time here and I hope it will be pleasant. Happy writing to you all !
  3. Aimee Calo

    Hello Everybody

    Hello everybody, I am Aimee Calo. I just joined in this site. Hopefully, I can help anyone here with some of my knowledge and experiences; and also I hope that I can learn something from everyone else as well. So the thing about is that I am: - a Traditional Artist - a Cum Laude in my...

    Hello everyone

    Hi everyone my name is ed marketing sales. Nice to be here
  5. Toshiro Cotta

    Hi, there!

    Hey, how's it going? My name's Toshiro Cotta. I like social media marketing and content creation. I have a blog and Youtube channel and also promote people's stuff on social media (usually articles, videos, and other types of content). I like writing and sharing my knowledge. I think internet...
  6. mildredtabitha

    New citizen

    Hello everyone. My name is mildred. I am so happy to have had the chance to join here. I have read the rules and I will make sure to follow them. I am looking forwad to interacting with all of you and gaining more knowledge. :)
  7. skybae

    Hello guys!!

    Hi I am skybae call me edel. I am working as a Physiotherapist from the Philippines. Hope to gain new friends here.
  8. Joan Angeles

    New member here..

    Hi everyone, My name is Joan. I am a freelancer for almost 7 years now. I have an idea about marketing and blogging. I am also a part time teacher. Teaching ESL for Asian students. I wanted to learn more about blogging, graphic designing, affiliate marketing and social media marketing. Hope...
  9. JohnQ


    I'm John and I joined this forum recently and wanted to say hello to all of you, so hello! I have done some internet marketing, some blogging, owned a few other sites so I know a little about many things but not a master at any I guess you would stay. I wanted to step up my online money making...
  10. squeeze

    Newbie here

    Hello everyone i am new here.
  11. Kanika

    Hello Dear Members

    Hello Dear Members, My name is Kanika Goyal from India. I am a new forum member here. Glad to join with internetmarketingstar forum
  12. Andy Smith

    Hello Everyone

    Hi Guys, I'm Andy Smith. I live in Michigan, US I'm looking forward to getting to know new people and networking with some of you.
  13. ThaI Bao Supply

    Hi everyone

    Hi! I'm Phát and I come from Việt Nam (big shout out to any member out there are Vietnamese). I just started online marketing about a months ago, looking forward to learn so much more and i'm only 19. Great to be here <3 <3 <3
  14. Hrishi Vardhan

    Hello from India!

    Hello everyone, I just join this forum to know about various marketing trends & SEO strategies. I glad to meet you all in this community. I find this forum a right place to discuss about my interesting topics, so I join this forum. Thanks.