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  1. larryellison


    Hello IM Star Forum Members, This is Larry, from India, I'd love to interact with you all, about internet marketing and all.
  2. Traveler

    Is Internet Marketing your Job or just for Extra Money?

    I was wondering how many people here on internet marketing star are doing their internet marketing for their job or if they are just doing it for some extra money. I am doing it partly for my job and partly for just extra money because I am not making enough money to do it full time yet.
  3. Toshiro Cotta

    Hi, there!

    Hey, how's it going? My name's Toshiro Cotta. I like social media marketing and content creation. I have a blog and Youtube channel and also promote people's stuff on social media (usually articles, videos, and other types of content). I like writing and sharing my knowledge. I think internet...
  4. KeralMTG

    Do you invest your profits into your internet marketing?

    I have been saving all the profits that I have been making from my internet marketing to try to save up and be able to invest into some things that will help me make more money. I asked some friends I have that are also doing internet marketing and they just spend their money. Do you invest...
  5. Traveler

    How long before you give up on a niche?

    I started going into a second niche a couple of months ago and have been trying to build it up to become profitable but it's just not turning out to make good earnings from it. When you try a niche for your internet marketing how long will you stick with it before giving up and trying some...
  6. JennyJ

    Higher or lower Payout thresholds

    I have some affiliate programs that have payout thresholds that you can adjust. You can set them at the minimum payout threshold or something above that if you want. I have always done the minimum payout thresholds myself. Is there any benefit to using a higher payout threshold? I just don't...
  7. Catherine1

    Is Good?

    I have seen people online and around locally mention this social media site but I haven't used it. Is good or at least useful for our internet marketing? I am just lost with this one and have no experience with it. :(
  8. Ellen F

    How many affiliate ads per page?

    I'll be starting a new blog soon and was wanting to know if there is a certain amount of affiliate ads that are best to have on a blog page. I am trying to get organized before I start my blog so I am making notes on things like this to help me with the layout. Any guidance will be helpful and...
  9. Michael

    Should I target specific countries

    This might sound like a basic question but for someone new it seem important so I will ask it. Should I target specific countries for my internet marketing or is it better to not focus on and kind of specific locations?
  10. Michael

    How many social media websites to start with?

    I'm just getting going a little more with my internet marketing work and have started to look at the social media websites to help grow a following. I will be building up a blog for this purpose and was wondering how many social media websites is good to start with. Should I start with just 1...
  11. Michael

    What is the best affiliate products for newbies to market?

    I'm pretty new to internet marketing and trying to learn as much as I can when I can but I have not been able to find out what products are best for newbie marketers to try to sell. Any advice or help from you veteran internet marketers or anyone else will be very much appreciated.
  12. Dean

    How has your internet marketing been for 2017?

    Well we are more than 1/3 of the way through 2017 and I was curious as to how some of my fellow Internet Marketing Star members have done so far in 2017 with their marketing. My 2017 has been about on the same pace as it was in 2016 and I haven't had any big increase in sales or conversions as...
  13. Dean

    Is internet marketing your work or hobby?

    Many of us get into internet marketing for many reasons and some people do it as their only means of income (their work) and some do it as a hobby or just for extra income. Personally I do it as my main source of income although I do other work but that's online also. What about you fellow...
  14. krishna kodi

    How to increase new registers on my website?

    Hello Community, I am Krishna and I am from Michigan, US. I am working on website from last 6 months and I am not getting results properly. I am also changing the design of my website. It's main theme is classified and everyone can register here with no cost. I am creating this website for...
  15. Catherine1

    Is Maxbounty good for new internet marketers?

    I was looking at some reviews on Maxbounty and it seems like it is a good network for internet marketers but I don't know if it is good for people who are on the new side of internet marketing or just for experienced internet marketers. do you know if Maxbounty is good for new internet marketers?
  16. KeralMTG

    Did you think internet marketing was easy?

    Before I started to do internet marketing I thought that it was an easy way to make some good amounts of money. after I started doing internet marketing I learned that it is not as easy as I thought. What about you?
  17. Catherine1

    Is a blog for new internet marketers a good idea?

    I am pretty new to internet marketing and I am always trying to learn more and more about it so I got the idea about creating a blog just for people who are new to internet marketing as a way to help them learn and get started. I just don't know if it's a good idea or not. What do you think? Is...
  18. ulterios

    How Long Have You Been an Internet Marketer?

    I've been an internet marketer for over 10 years (over 20 if you count marketing domains) and marketing one thing or another. I have had periods of time where I slowed down my marketing efforts for one reason or another but never fully stopped. No matter what I have always stuck with internet...
  19. Dean

    How did you get started in internet marketing?

    Someone asked me how I got started in internet marketing earlier today and after giving him my answer I was curious as to why some of my fellow members here got started in internet marketing. I originally got started as a way to add additional income to my earnings to help pay for one of my...
  20. Mansi Patel

    How to Create Storytelling WB Videos for Internet Marketing?

    Hello friends, My name is mansi patel and i am looking for how to create videos for my internet marketing products. Which software is used for making this type of videos. I want to buy this software to create this type of videos.