Has anyone built a website using Bootstrap?


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I have been playing around with a test website using Bootstrap but it is far off from what I am used to using. I have mainly used content management systems like Wordpress and other similar software so this is quite different.

I like the speed that a website will load built with Bootstrap which is one reason why I started playing around with it.

I was wondering if anyone here has used it an what they think about it.


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I tried to use it once last year for building a new website but it just requires much more work than wordpress so I ended up giving up on it. If they had a cms that was easy to use that used bootstrap for it's code then it might be good then and much easier.


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I have used some themes that said that they were built with bootstrap but they were for a Wordpress blog so I don't know what that means exactly but they were good themes that looked real nice on phones and that was my main goal.


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I have built a couple of websites using Bootstrap and really like it for the most part. It does take longer to build a website and to edit or add content to a site built with it so I wouldn't recommend it for a blog just yet.

I really like the page loading speed for Bootstrap sites and that's one of the main reason I built a couple of sites with it.

The sites I built with it only had about a dozen pages, give or take, so the extra time to build them was not that bad.

There is a lot of good information around the web on Bootstrap so finding needed information or help is usually pretty easy also.

As long as you are not building a big site then I would give it a shot. ;)


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've had several sites built on this platform along with Wordpress but I would rather use an HTML website any day. I guess because this is what I was taught and easier to use.
Obviously, if it was a small website then you should go with HTML but if you want to expand your website bigger, you should choose a framework.
I didn't like the way it loaded. Just my opinion.
You can select components to work with Boostrap, that will make it load faster, the same way for your website.