1. Catherine1

    How can I check to see if email addresses are valid?

    I was reading about some email marketing things the other day and it said that it is a good idea to check your email addresses are valid that you are sending your emails to. I found some checkers online but they did not seem to work because I check a few of my family members and they said they...
  2. Nomnom

    Best way to gather emails?

    I've read that establishing an email list is one of the most important things to do if you want to have a successful marketing campaign. But I have long wondered how I could collect emails. They say that a good landing page should be made. But what if I just have a regular blog that talks about...
  3. Catherine1

    Email sign-ups on Facebook

    They have an option on Facebook pages to add a sign-up button to your page but I don't know if adding one of these is a good idea or not. Does anyone use sign-up buttons on Facebook or have any thoughts on if they would be a good idea or not?
  4. ulterios

    Buying an email list

    I have something that I want to try out and I am thinking about buying an email list. I have never bought one before and have always built my own lists because I want a quality list and not basically a universal list that sellers will say is good for this niche or that niche. So, based on what...
  5. Maria Marketing

    Does private or business email matter with marketing?

    I have seen email that is called private or business where you use "[email protected]" instead of something like a gmail or yahoo or something of that sort and was wondering if it really mattered. Does having an email address like I posted above make a difference over a regular email...
  6. Storm

    Is it good to buy an email list to start a marketing campaign?

    I've been wanting to start doing an email marketing campaign in somthing that I don't have any kind of email list for. Do you think that it's good to buy an email list to start a marketing campaign? I mean just to start off in a new niche till I get my own list built up.
  7. Storm

    How can I tell if a marketing email is sent randomly?

    I was wondering if there is a way to tell if emails someone receives were just sent to random emails or if they are from an op-in list? I am getting a lot of junk marketing emails and I wanted to unsubscribe from the ones I didn't sign up for and keep the ones I did sign up for. Is there a way...
  8. Storm

    How often to send out marketing emails?

    I was reading about finding the optimum email sending frequency for your mailing lists the other day and it was saying usually once a week is best. Do you guys think that sounds about right or do you use a different time frame? I always though that many people did this about every 2 weeks to a...
  9. Traveler

    How can I get a bigger email list?

    My email list is pretty small and I wanted to know what is the best way to get a bigger email list for my marketing. How would you say is the best way to get a bigger email list to send your marketing offers and information to?
  10. KeralMTG

    Is it ok to get an email list given to you?

    A friend of mine who was a blogger has a good email list and now he has stopped blogging because he has a real good job. He said he would give me his email list if I want it but I do not know if this is good or not. I think that maybe people will get mad to get emails from me and not him that...
  11. Maria Marketing

    How can I build an email list quickly?

    I keep hearing so many people around the internet that are marketing say that an email list can make you real good money. I have heard of email lists and marketing that way but I didn't know it is supposed to be a big money earner. My question is how can I build a good email list quickly?
  12. Ana

    Should I use a separate email for social websites?

    Hello friends on Internet Marketing Star. I have a question for some people with more knowledge about the social websites. I am going to be registering for my accounts soon and was wondering if I should make a new email address to use for these websites? Some people told me there is a lot of...
  13. Dean

    How much success has your email list been for generating sales?

    Hi everyone, I have a question for those of you that do some marketing through email. I am curious as to how much success you have had with your email marketing efforts for generating sales. Personally I have had mixed results. At times, it seems to do very well, while at other times it has...