1. Ben

    Clickbank vs Jvzoo

    I am wanting to try a new affiliate network to see if I can start making more money and have been thinking about trying out either clickbank or jvzoo. I only want to use 1 of these at first so I want to know which one of these people think I should try. Any suggestions for me?
  2. KeralMTG

    How many clickbank accounts can you have?

    I want to have 2 different clickbank accounts for 2 different uses that I want to do but I can not find out if you can have more than 1 account or not. I do not want to create a new one and have the original one get banned.
  3. Maria Marketing

    Recurring commissions vs. one time commissions

    I was looking at some things on Clickbank and there seem to be several things that have recurring commissions for things that people buy on a monthly subscription but the commission amounts are low. I have not marketed these recurring items before and was wondering if they are worth it or not...
  4. Melker

    What kind of Clickbank products are best?

    It seems like Clickbank is popular these days so I was looking at trying to market some products from there. I just don't know what products are best to try to market. If you have any tips, ideas or pointers I would be very appreciative for that info. :Secret:
  5. Catherine1

    Can you use Facebook Ads for Clickbank products?

    I have seen that Clickbank has some good commission rates and was looking at marketing some of them. I was thinking about using Facebook Ads but I didn't know if that's allowed and I can't find any information on it. Can you use Facebook Ads for Clickbank products?
  6. Dean

    Do you market ClickBank products?

    I have never done much with ClickBank myself although I am planning on getting more active in promoting ClickBank products this year, I am curious as to how many Internet Marketing Star members market ClickBank products. Do you market ClickBank products?