What kind of Clickbank products are best?


It seems like Clickbank is popular these days so I was looking at trying to market some products from there. I just don't know what products are best to try to market.

If you have any tips, ideas or pointers I would be very appreciative for that info. :Secret:


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If you have a website or an email list then products that will fit in with the type of people and interests of those will often be wise choices.

If you have knowledge in some areas then products in those areas can sometime be easier to market.


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I think it depends on niche where you are working. Every niche have its own popular products. Clickbank is one of the largest marketplace for digital products. You can search their marketplace and filter the result with high gravity option. This will give you the list of best performing products.


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Will you be marketing these on a site or yours? If you are then I would try to get products that are in the same niche or that compliment that particular niche.

Usually people will go to a site because they are interested in something there or found something in a search on Google or one of the other search sites so having things that are related can help you to have a higher conversion rate.


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If you have a website then I think you should use products that go with what is on your website. This way they might be things that people are maybe interested in and that can help you to get more sales.


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I agree with some of the others, that you should market products that are in the niche that you and/or your site is in. It always works best for more sales and conversions if you are marketing/promoting things that would most likely be of interest to the type of people (and their interests) that are seeing your offerings.

Offering things that are in the same or similar niche to that which you are in will most likely make you more money than trying to just market things that your audience will probably not be as interested in.

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I would look for things that are in demand and will be easier to sell. Also look at things that the people that you will be marketing to will maybe be interested in.


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Someone told me a couple of weeks ago that the Clickbank products that have to do with making money online and email types of items are good sellers. I have wanted to check and see what they have in that area but I have not done it yet. You might want to check those.