Clickbank vs Jvzoo


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I am wanting to try a new affiliate network to see if I can start making more money and have been thinking about trying out either clickbank or jvzoo. I only want to use 1 of these at first so I want to know which one of these people think I should try.

Any suggestions for me?

Maria Marketing

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I have been reading about these too because I want to try using just 1 of them but some things I read are saying one is good and some are saying the other is.

I can't seem to find straight answers so I guess it is just each persons opinion.


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When I was reading about jvzoo I saw that some people were saying it was harder to make a lot of money than with clickbank. I have not tried both to see if that is true but I saw that on several different marketing blogs.


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If you want to try just 1 of those to try to make money then I would suggest Clickbank. I like the list of products that they have and they have good support for their affiliates.

I would not be hard to try both at the same time though. This way you can see which one will work the best for you.


You should check and see what advertisers and products are available on both before you make a decision. When I was checking them I did not see much that would work for the fashion niche that I am in so you should check before making a decision on which to try.

david smith

Jvzoo would be my pick as there are lot of good IM related products to promote in there but CB has never been an option because their support is not up to the mark and also their tracking platform is a bit confusing to me. The only good thing I like about Cliakbank is that you can guage the products according to their gravity.