1. Ellen F

    1 or 2 sidebars?

    I was looking at some blog designs and there seems to be a most blogs that I have seen have only a single sidebar and it's usually on the right side of the pages. I was wondering if it's better to have just a single sidebar on 1 side of the pages on your blog or if 2 was better. What do you...
  2. Joan Angeles

    Blog + Affiliate Marketing

    Hi everyone, I just started my blog a month ago. My niche is about everything, about my experience with everything. It is like storytelling but with life meaning and about realizations. I know it doesn't sound marketable. I watched a youtube video before and it is about affiliate marketing. I...
  3. Ana

    Are more images better for a blog?

    I will be making a new blog or maybe 2 of them and I have been trying to organize many things before I start making the blog. I was wondering if it is better to have more images on a blog to make it look real nice or is it better to limit the number images so that it will load more quickly. What...
  4. Storm

    Dark colors vs light colors for a blog

    I am looking at maybe creating a new blog in the technology niche and was wondering if I should go with dark colors or light colors. I have seen a lot of tech sites that are dark lately so I didn't know if I should follow that trend or stick with lighter colors. I'm looking for some input and...
  5. Melker

    What do I build my blog with?

    I am getting back into internet marketing after some time away and want to build a new blog as a launching point and home for my marketing efforts. I'm looking for some help deciding on what to use to make the blog. I was thinking about Joomla or Wordpress because I have some experience with...
  6. Catherine1

    Is Green the best color for a money niche blog?

    I was talking to a friend back home and found out that she's been wanting to start a blog of her own in a money related niche. She was asking about the colors to use for the blog and asked if green colors were the best. I understand the relationship between green and money but I don't know if...
  7. Dean

    Do you use HTTPS on your blog?

    I've noticed that more and more blogs are using the HTTPS protocol these days even though they don't collect personal data, sell anything or even have the ability to sign-up for anything. I don't have any of my blogs setup this way and was wondering if any of our members are doing this yet...
  8. Kania

    Does each blog need approval?

    If I get approved for an affiliate program and I later want to put the same affiliate ads on another blog do I have to get it also approved?
  9. Kania

    Is shared web hosting good to start with?

    I am going to be making a blog for my marketing promotions with reviews and other information. Is shared web hosting good to start a new blog on or is it better to pay more for a VPS?
  10. Maria Marketing

    Are pop-ups a good idea on a marketing blog?

    I have seen marketing blogs with and without pop-ups on them and I was wondering which way would be the best. Are pop-ups a good idea to use on a marketing blog or should they not be used?
  11. ulterios

    What was your first website?

    Most of us here on Internet Marketing Star are or have been website or blog owners at some point, even if it was just landing pages or squeeze pages. My very first website was for my computer shop and repair service way back in the 90's. What type of website was your very first website or blog?
  12. KeralMTG

    Can I have affiliate ads from 2 sites on my blog?

    Is it ok to have affiliate advertising from 2 different websites on the same blog and same pages with no problems? Like putting and ads on the same pages on my blog.
  13. Catherine1

    Is a blog for new internet marketers a good idea?

    I am pretty new to internet marketing and I am always trying to learn more and more about it so I got the idea about creating a blog just for people who are new to internet marketing as a way to help them learn and get started. I just don't know if it's a good idea or not. What do you think? Is...
  14. Catherine1

    Separate hosting for each blog

    I have a question that I need some good information on. Is it better for any reason to have separate web hosting for each blog that you have? I saw somewhere a while back but can't find now where it said it is better to have separate hosting for each blog you have. does this sound right? I am...
  15. Dean

    Do you do off-site backups?

    Hey everyone, I was reading a couple of articles earlier that were talking about how few people do off-site (not on your hosting) backups of their websites. Personally I try to do off-site backups at least every week or two just in case their is an issue with my sites and the backups on my...
  16. ulterios

    Have you used a WordPress maintenance service?

    Hi fellow IMS members, I have a question for you! Have you ever used a WordPress maintenance service for your WordPress websites or blogs? I personally prefer to do all my own work on my sites, unless it's something I am not able to do personally. However, I have gotten an ever increasing...
  17. KeralMTG

    How important is a logo for a blog?

    I will be starting a new blog pretty soon and I am trying to figure out if having a real nice logo is important for the success of my blog. I am a college student and do not have a lot of extra money so I have to spend wisely. I am trying to figure out if I should pay for a professional logo of...