1. Maria Marketing

    Buying themes and plugins from other sources

    I have received emails and contact form submissions from people that are recommending that I check some websites out to get themes and plugins for my Wordpress blog at big discounts. I went there and they are not the makers of the plugins and themes but they are selling them and saying that it...
  2. Catherine1

    Are paid themes easier or harder to work with?

    I was going to use a paid theme for my Wordpress blog on a few occasions but just went with a free one. I have been wanting to try something new and also need a theme for a new blog and was wondering if paid themes are easier or harder to work with and setup. Anyone have any information or...
  3. Catherine1

    What Wordpress newspaper themes are good?

    I have been looking at Wordpress newspaper style themes but i'm getting more confused the longer I look at them. Does anyone know of a good Wordpress newspaper theme for a marketing blog?
  4. Argus

    What wordpress themes are good for a website and marketing?

    I have been looking at many different wordpress themes but don't know which ones are good to use on my website that will have also some marketing advertizements on it. Is there some that are better for this or where can I get some good ones for this purpose?