email marketing

  1. Ellen F

    Is it good to use an autoresponder?

    I was wondering if using an autoresponder for my subscribers is a good idea or not. I didn't know if it seemed like it was not professional or not. Are autoresponders a good idea or a bad idea? Any help or information on these would be really appreciated.
  2. Storm

    Buying emails for mailing lists

    I have a small email list for my marketing and I have been thinking about buying an email list bit I don't want to just waste my money. Has anyone bought an email list and actually made money from the list?
  3. JennyJ

    Email marketing for a different niche

    I built up my email list in the fashion and beauty niche and I was wondering if it is alright to send emails to my list for things that are not in the niches it was made for. Is it advisable to stick with the same niche you make an email list for or is it alright to send emails for another niche?
  4. Marcos

    Is Mautic good?

    I saw an open source software for marketing called Mautic that caught my attention and I have not found much reliable information from actual users. It can do email marketing, landing pages and some other marketing tasks. Is this good software to use or is it to be avoided?
  5. Michael

    How many emails for a mailing list

    I keep reading that a good email list can make you the most money from internet marketing but I have not been able to find any information on how many emails you would need for your internet marketing. Is there some kind of number that is considered good?
  6. Ellen F

    How often should I send emails?

    I was reading a little about the frequency of sending emails and that it can be different for different niches but there was nothing as far as recommendations that I could find. Is there some kind of general rule as to how often we should send out marketing emails to our subscriber lists?
  7. Traveler

    Email Marketing vs Social Media Marketing

    I was thinking that I should concentrate my marketing efforts and try doing just one form of marketing that way I can be more dedicated to it rather than not having enough time to do both. Which of these would be better to concentrate my time on?
  8. ulterios

    Buying an email list

    I have something that I want to try out and I am thinking about buying an email list. I have never bought one before and have always built my own lists because I want a quality list and not basically a universal list that sellers will say is good for this niche or that niche. So, based on what...