1. Ben

    Are gift card affiliate programs good?

    I had a guy tell me that he was making a lot of money with gift card affiliate programs up till last year when he stopped marketing them due to a change in jobs. He wouldn't give me much information so I was wondering if anyone here has tried them and if they are any good or not. Any info will...
  2. Dean

    ShareASale vs Commission Junction - Which is best?

    I have used both of these affiliate networks for many years. I like things from each of them so it's hard to say that one is clearly the best in my eyes. I like the control panel of ShareASale along with it's reports. I like the advertiser choices at Commission Junction. I think that if I had...
  3. Storm

    Is Facebook the best social media website for affiliates?

    I am mainly just doing affiliate marketing (trying) and have noticed that most affiliate marketers use Facebook the most as it seems. Is Facebook the best social media website for affiliates?
  4. Dean

    Which affiliate network do you like best?

    There are several affiliate networks that I like to do business with and use for my internet marketing efforts. There is Commission Junction (CJ Affiliate), Share-a-Sale, Clickbank and some others. Each one has it's pluses and minuses. My favorite one to work with is Commission Junction. I...
  5. Dean

    Is Affiliate Window Any Good?

    I was talking to a fellow internet marketer today and he was telling me that he has to take a break from marketing for a while and at the end of the conversation he did tell me that he makes the most of his money through Affiliate Window. I have never used them before and since he said that he...
  6. elcidofaguy

    Hiring CB Clicksale IM Toolbox 100% Commissions Plus Monthly 60% Recurring

    Dear All, CB Clicksale is about to launch on the 8th January 2016 after almost 2 years in the making to take it this far. Its a one of a kind IM toolbox which has many unique capabilities as highlighted in the below poster. As a JV/Affiliate you get 100% commission on the front end sale and...