Where was your most successful advertising campaign run?


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I was going through some old records to see where my most successful advertising campaigns were run and I found that 3 out of my top 5 advertising campaigns were run on Bing ads with Google Adwords taking the two other spots in the top 5.

In the top 10 advertising campaigns it was Bing ads with 6 and Google Adwords with 4 BUT 2 were extremely close so it was almost a 50/50 split between Bing and Adwords.

There are some others that are scattered around the rest of the results but these are the two that dominated the top 10.

Where were your most successful advertising campaigns run?

Cheers, Dean.
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I have had the best luck using Bing advertising. The reason that Bing works so well for me is that the cost is a lot lower so I can actually get better overall results.

If I had and unlimited budget and didn't worry about the cost then I might be tempted t use just AdWords but Bing gives me the most action for the same amount of money. ;)