1. KeralMTG

    What are the best websites to buy banner advertising?

    I have had some thoughts about buying banner advertisements on some websites to help my blog and my marketing. What are the best websites to buy the advertisements on?
  2. Dean

    ShareASale vs Commission Junction - Which is best?

    I have used both of these affiliate networks for many years. I like things from each of them so it's hard to say that one is clearly the best in my eyes. I like the control panel of ShareASale along with it's reports. I like the advertiser choices at Commission Junction. I think that if I had...
  3. Dean

    Who is your favorite domain registrar?

    Most of us here are using domain names that we have bought from a domain name registrar. I am curious what the favorite domain name registrar is of some of our members. I am kind of torn between Namesilo because they have the best overall prices for domain names and their renewals and Namecheap...
  4. Dean

    Facebook vs LinkedIn, which is best?

    I know that most people here probably use Facebook more than LinkedIn for their Internet Marketing purposes. LinkedIn can be good if you are looking for certain audiences. Not looking at the number of members and just looking at the effectiveness I think that they can be pretty close but I...
  5. Storm

    What's the best hosting for an ecommerce store?

    I'm thinking of starting an ecommerce store at some time in the near future and was wondering if the hosting for ecommerce store websites would be any different than a regular website. I was thinking for security reasons and things related to an ecommerce website. What's the best hosting for...