How to make $10 per day online?


Hi everyone, my younger brother is in college and is eager to use the internet to make at least $10 per day. He is interested in Internet Marketing and graphic design. Do you recommend ways or any options for him to earn money easy?


Hi Henary ,

There are various way to earn from internet marketing various methods we have discussed over here in this forum also .

Now it totally depend on your brother qualification how he want to earn that
1) Doing Work ( Elance , fiverr , seoclerk , freelancer )
he can create a good and professional looking profile over these and sites and start making bids over the projects .

2) Passive income ( various methods IM is full of them )
he had to concentrate on 1 method study all methods for that avail on the internet either from google , youtube , udemy anywhere depend on the methods.
You need to invest also so that you create websites , social media presence and other things .

Amazon affiliate website.
Aliexpress , Ebay , Clickbank , Alibaba .

PPD ( pay per doownload)
PPI ( pay per install )
PPL ( pay per lead )
PPS ( pay per sale )
CPA ( Cost per action )

Some good networks

Google Adsense

and many more ....


You could start with selling items on micro niches sites

You could specialize on various talents to sell to other people online. These include graphic designing for logos and banners, you could do blog link building, provide article writing service, video editing and so on.

The idea is to get creative and sell a skill for about $10 to start with and then growing with experience, knowledge and reputation to making any amount of money and it is in your wallet daily .

I hope this helps.


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Hi everyone, my younger brother is in college and is eager to use the internet to make at least $10 per day. He is interested in Internet Marketing and graphic design. Do you recommend ways or any options for him to earn money easy?
Like @surferz mentioned one of the easiest ways for someone with an interest in graphic design like your brother to start making a small amount of money would be to sell a service on or another similar marketplace site like that. He can sell book covers, headers for websites, logos, etc.

If he does good work and he completes gigs faster than his competition, he will get work. It will take him a little while to build up to where he can get 3 gigs per day, but it is doable. Doing something like that is more realistic than starting out trying to become an internet marketer who builds websites that make money or starting out trying to build a list and sell affiliate products to it. The route would be much easier.


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Hi there, you can tell your brother that there thousands of affiliate website's out there, Would be the best way to do so.


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Your brother can use UPWORK. They pay big for graphic designs. He can work for fix prices or for a project. You can set your payment rating. Just select what jobs do you want to do and wait for your costumer to avail your service. I hope this can help your brother.


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I will recommend you will get paid if you passed the test, don't worry the test is easy to passed all you need to do is share your opinions to the tester or just be honest. It takes up to 20 mins per test, if you passed the test they really paid you $10 through PayPal.

I will recommend also you said that your brother is a graphic designer, will he can find a job through all freelancers get job through :)


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For me, there is no easy way to earn money on the internet. You really have to work hard for you to earn it just like ordinary offline jobs. Specially when you are just starting out as the competition is really tight in every genre that you could think of. But if your brother is really eager and loves what he is doing and what he is about to offer for service, then the difficulties that he would encounter would definitely lessened. Basically i would recommend freelancing and the likes from the interests of your brother that you mentioned. But like i said, the competition for that genre is really tight. Not to mention all the rejections that he might encounter for being just a newbie. I would suggest to record his work in graphics design and upload it on youtube. Youtube is the second largest search engine next to google. So people interested in graphics design will also search that in youtube. So putting his work online will also increase his chance of getting noticed in his genre. If it attracts a lot of viewers, he could monetize those videos and could also earn from people who will contact him for his work. Your brother could earn possibly earn a lot through this method.