How much time are you spending on Facebook daily?


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I usually spend about 20-30 minutes on Facebook each day with that time split between reading and looking for things to help my marketing and checking on friends and family. There is much good information to be found on Facebook if you go searching. Many helpful things that can give you ideas for marketing.


I spent approximately 2 hours daily,Sharing links to Facebook,replying messages and promoting my blogs.

Maria Marketing

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I really don't know what the average amount of time I spend on Facebook would be because there is a big difference often. Some days I spend about 15 minutes and some days an hour or more. I check on things that I think will give me good ideas to help my blog and my internet marketing. You can get some good ideas on there sometime.

Ellen F

I only spend about 15-20 minutes on average on Facebook daily. I haven't utilized it for my internet marketing that much but I know that will need to change.

I know that Facebook has a wide reach with the sheer numbers of people and businesses on it so I am going to have to up my efforts in the future.


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I spend 1 hour or so daily to check my messages, as I'm not using Facebook for marketing yet. I have heard from some acquaintances that it's really good for promoting and advertising so I'll try to start using it for that purpose. I suppose the time I spend on Facebook will increase significantly when I do.


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I use Facebook the moment that I wake up in the morning, check for updates once in a while, and just scan over my feed just to kill the time. It just became a habit ever since we've had wifi at home. Nonetheless, I don't use it for promotional purposes nor marketing. I just use it for my personal reasons perhaps this is how I socialize since I am a stay home mom and I have been working as an online ESL teacher for 5 years now and this is the only way I could communicate with my friends while I'm working. I don't have any colleagues with me so that's the only chance I could still get updated with the outside world.


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I am spending only 15 minutes or up to 1/2 hour on facebook nowadays. I was spending more but I don't have too much time to spend there now. It helps me find things that I might think about writing blog posts so it is useful some times.


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I spend 5-6 hours in facebook everyday. Well spending 5-6 hours is actually important to me since I also use facebook for business purposes and to communicate with my clients. Since it is one of the best way to advertise your products so that the more people can see it. I also use it for games which I actually having fun on the different games on facebook which very interesting.


Facebook is a wonderful tool for marketing! I try to spend at least one hour a day on it, more if I can. There are so many different groups you can join to share your business with! Also, depending on your market, it is easy to sell items directly to Facebook.
How can we sell items directly to Facebook? That seems like it would be hard to do.


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I'm spending over few hours on Facebook to check what's happening on my family, relatives and also with friends. Facebook is way more convenient for me to communicate with others than any other social media sites. I also use Facebook messenger to chat with others as well.


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I can spend 2-4 hours a day in Facebook, or even more depending on my free time. But, I have one habit every 30 minutes I always check my messages, because I'm running my own page about Philippine Basketball.


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Honestly, when I wake up in the morning because if I'm awake I don't wanna go sleep again. While working, I work mostly in front of the computer that needs internet connection so I have minutes to view Facebook once in a while just not to get bored. Chatting with friends on Facebook is very important to me. I think I'm a Facebook addict as well :Dancing2: i
I don't know how many hours i spent Facebooking as long as I finished all my task for the day I'm good ;):DD:


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I would say I spend an average of 30 minutes online each time I login to my Facebook account, and I can login like up to 10 times before a day passes. This is 30 minutes multiply in 10 places which would be approximately 300 minutes spent online in a day, which is 5 hours daily.


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I spend my time on facebook the whole day, not because i'm addicted to it, but because I connect with people through it. Long distance relationship is really a tough one, and with the help of facebook I could communicate easily with him. Facebook is also my source of entertainment aside from youtube. This is why I am not ashamed to say that I spend most of my time using facebook.


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If I sleep 8 hours a day and another 8 hours for work and doing household chores and other basic routines, the last 8 hours would be for Facebook. It's my main portal to the world, my eyes and ears on what's happening every single minute of the day.


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I was spending more time on Facebook in the past but these last couple of weeks I have only been spending 15 to 30 minutes most of the days. at first I was reading many things on there about internet marketing but now lately I have not really seen too many things I have not seen before. Now I am concentrating on writing more blog posts to get more pages in Google.


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Generally, I use facebook 5 hours a day. My job requires me to logged in on facebook everyday since we have a page that we need to promote.

Facebook helped our company a lot because we became famous here in our City.

Aside from this, facebook helped me a lot to also earn extra income through online selling and affiliate marketing.

Facebook is a great interface not just for makings friends and not just for communication but also for earning more money through it.


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Spending time on Facebook is almost a necessity for most of the people nowadays. I can spend a maximum of 4 hours per day every weekday and a maximum of 8 hours on weekends. I usually browse funny and cute videos from different pages. I wonder how can I consume the straight 8 hours. :D


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I use facebook everyday. Maybe 5 hours a day. And also check it once in a while if there are messages on my inbox.