How much time are you spending on Facebook daily?


I am spending around 1 hour a day on facebook for marketing and connecting to other people. A little time for chatting, games and entertainment but it's rare happenned.

Just curious how much time are you spending on Facebook daily?

Is it helpful for you or your business?


I spend almost a couple of hours in a week on Facebook. I rarely use Facebook for social promotions.


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At the moment I have a big responsive audience so what I do every morning is to select a random post on my blog, create a new one or simply share one of my youtube videos. That takes less than 5 minutes, I post on my profile, fan page and group.

Then after I invite people who have liked related pages using software. The software basically sends inbox messages to facebook users inviting them to join my page. I don't invite them to my website or offers directly, they'll find all that on the page. This helps me get fans on a daily bases, 365 days a year.

Once in a while, I'll use the software to send friend requests and everyone who accepts my friend request gets added to a facebook group. Some people are in my page, profile and group as well (these are real fans). I use a page, group and profile so that I can be able to reach as many people as possible.

All this is done in less than 5 minutes a day, then I just keep checking notifications and respond to any questions. So even if I don't post anything for 3 days on facebook I'll still get traffic from FB because of these daily invites.

The secret to successful social media marketing is to add new people on a daily bases. New members are the most active people and they help increase engagement. This works in any social network, twitter, google+, tumblr etc.

For example, who's more active in this forum? Old members who joined when it started or the new members?

So I spend 5 minutes a day on facebook :D

Will Smith

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Almost 5 hours per day- that's how much time I spend for FB per day because there are many important information were posted in Facebook. I can miss an important event or necessary information if I do not check FB occasionally. For my business, Facebook also is very helpful because I'm working in Online Marketing. I have to manage fanpage on Facebook, engage with my customers to build customers' relationship, sometimes it's a great source of traffic for my site.


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It depends on the number and size of the projects I run, 20 minutes per day for posting and analizing the data.


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Daily I just go on Facebook a couple times per day to check messages and notifications. I always have a browser tab open and logged in to Facebook as well, so I don't have to log in each time I want to check something.

I have several Facebook pages (1 for each site I have) so it can take more time to check everything. What I usually do is go on Facebook 1-2 times per month and schedule my posts or I use a script that I have for the same purpose. I try to do 2 weeks to a month at a time and this helps to be more efficient with my time.

Other than that I don't go on Facebook. My personal/account page has basically nothing on it. I created it just to have pages for my websites.
I spend compulsory 1:00 to 1:30 hrs on facebook, because may be any post that importent for me. If any send me friend request, i response someone and check some importance like pages like of SEO specialist.

For ads post, think about news post for write, including best matching images. More

So, this is some work in spend my time.


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The total time I spend on Facebook every day is around 15-20 minutes. That includes posting on my Facebook pages, replying to any messages and some looking around for research.

Most of my posts get scheduled on Facebook and I do them for usually a week and that helps to be more efficient. Other than that I really don't spend much time on it.

Cheers, Dean.


I tend to spend more than 5 hours on facebook because most of my projects and tasks are totally dependent on this social channel.
I have been spending around 2-3 hours but I have to say FB it's not really my thing. I understand that as a work tool it's fantastic. A great way to communicate and give your work some exposure. Now as a hobby? There certainly better things to do agreed?


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I never spent a whole lot of time on Facebook but the last week or so I have been searching around Facebook to get ideas about how to improve my internet marketing and online money making ventures.

I never really used to use the search function on Facebook too much but it has become rather useful in finding good stuff.
In total, I think it probably adds up to 30 minutes/1 hour daily, depending on how bored I am. I don't like to pour too much time into it, though, or else guilt will hit me back in the neck for trifling away time I could have spent doing productive activities. I only check back once every 4-5 hours, and only stay for more than 5 minutes if I find interesting posts or discussions to read (which happens...quite frequently).


I am using facebook for personal networking as well as business. I check facebook couple of times in a day. When I am on facebook I spend just about 30 minutes. I interact with my friends posts, post my personal stories as well as share my contents.


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I generally spend a couple of hours, which might me longer than the average person, but I am also the administrator of a couple of big ages, so it's normal.


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Facebook is a wonderful tool for marketing! I try to spend at least one hour a day on it, more if I can. There are so many different groups you can join to share your business with! Also, depending on your market, it is easy to sell items directly to Facebook.