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    Times change. Today RTB opens unlimited possibilities for powerful branding. Here are five steps that help to come to success.

    When Pam Horan, the president of "Online Publishing Association", wrote in December, 2012 that "algorithmic buying does not contribute to increasing the value and recognition of the brand", few objected to it. But today the situation has changed: big data, "programmatic buying" and real time bidding paved the way for a new generation of online branding.

    Recognizing the global shift of advertising buying to RTB, many of the traditional "exclusive" publishers put their inventory on the auction, allowing all parties of the process to reap the benefits. The resulting platform is rather complicated, but at the same time universal and creates almost unlimited possibilities for all players of the advertising market: buyers can easily make purchases on premium sites without juggling with multiple rules of publishers, while advertisers benefit from the myriad of targeting proposals and optimization.

    Historically display advertising, however paradoxical it may sound, is tied up in the minds of many with the poor viewability. But today Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) announces new trading standards for viewability, which create additional pressure on ad networks, SSP and publishers to give advertisers what they want: those advertisements that are guaranteed to be viewed by users.

    So, what will help marketers to successfully manage an advertising RTB-campaign?

    1. SCOPE
    RTB gives advertisers instant access to millions of users through a variety of advertising exchanges - there are no restrictions on the number of unique users that the advertiser can reach.

    How can you know that you keep the right people in sight? RTB allows you to buy single impressions, not traditionally pay for every thousand of impressions, what significantly minimizes the losses. Working with a partner with the necessary technology, it is possible to achieve dense targeting with access to any of the following parameters:

    ▪ Demography (targeting by gender, age, income and social status);

    ▪ Interests (it is a key indicator in the identification of target users and the choice of a data provider);

    ▪ Location (geolocation can be vital for some advertisers);

    ▪ Psychographic customer typology.

    Those advertisements which influence buyers and can be bought on a large scale are the key ones - this format is widely available thanks to the exchanges and is an ideal solution because it gives the most coverage.

    Media creativity, designed by IAB-standard, provides maximum coverage and targeting. Using the converted TV campaigns for web advertising, you can create effective and cohesive campaigns, while the expansion of multy-media is used for maximum interactivity and engagement of users. Whichever format you choose, use HTML5 for full functionality on the tablets and smartphones - they make up a huge proportion of your audience.

    As mentioned above, premium inventory is becoming more affordable. Publishers want to earn with RTB, and this is great news for advertisers.

    In the context of the large amount of available inventory verification of quality content will pay dividends. Look for such a data provider, who will be able to provide you with the following options: URL visibility, brand safety, viewability and high quality media data.

    A "viewable" ad is a unit, at least 50% of which are seen by the user within 1 second. With new trade principles, which have been approved by the market players, IAB has created a new currency for brands that advertise themselves on the Internet - CPV (cost per view). This concept describes the way in which not just impressions of the advertisement but clicks are paid. In other words, each user who came to the site of the advertiser through the shown banner, is paid.

    To summarize, we should say that real time branding allows companies to spread their wings, without fear of failure, and effectively establish communication with the target audience at the right time and right place. It's time to start thinking programmatically!
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    Out of all these 5 steps I think that creativity is the most important myself these days. It seems like most businesses, companies and people are all wanting to do the exact same things all the time. Being more creative can really help your company branding and it's advertising stand out from everyone else.

    Why be the same when you can be an innovator? :)

    Cheers, Dean.