1. smartman658

    Should i translate my blog to 2 or 3 languages?

    Hi, guys, I have a blog and i am wondering should i update my content in multiple languages? Is is worth it really, or should i stick only to English, as it is the most spoken in the world?
  2. smartman658

    Should i have 2 or 3 alternatives when creating a new logo for website ?

    I am now working with a designer, should i tell him to create 2 or 3 alternative logos for my business and change them periodically? Or should i stick with just one, as a point to be more recognizable? What do you think?
  3. smartman658

    Combining SEO with SMM as a complete strategy?

    Hello, can you please share some strategies and ways to combine SEO work for a website with social media marketing and what are the pros and cons of the process? Any specific details?
  4. smartman658

    What is your opinion on Facebook advertising campaigns?

    Hi, what do you think about creating campaigns on Facebook to advertise a newborn business? Is it effective and can you reach potential customers in no time? Share some strategies and experience.
  5. smartman658

    Generating more followers on Instagram. How?

    I need more followers on Insta. How can i do that, especially when am in the process of starting my own brand? I don't need random people fro all over the world, but the ones who might me interested in it, potential customers, you know the deal.
  6. smartman658

    How to notice if someone is doing Black Hat to my website?

    Hello, what are the indications if someone is trying to black-hat my website? How can i dodge and stop the process? Is it inevitable?
  7. JennyJ

    How can I monitor my website uptime?

    I want to have the uptime for my blog monitored but I am not sure how is best to do that. Do I have to add some code to my website or is there another way?
  8. KeralMTG

    Is loading speed the most important thing for a website?

    I am seeing a lot of people here and some other places worried a lot about the loading speed of their website. Is that the most important thing for a website or is there something more important?
  9. JennyJ

    How important is website loading speed?

    I was reading a couple of articles on website performance the last couple of days and some of them were saying that the load speed or times for your website are important for it's rankings and bounce rates (I just found out what that meant) but there is conflicting information on this. Is the...
  10. DTS-NET

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  11. ulterios

    What was your first website?

    Most of us here on Internet Marketing Star are or have been website or blog owners at some point, even if it was just landing pages or squeeze pages. My very first website was for my computer shop and repair service way back in the 90's. What type of website was your very first website or blog?
  12. v3locim

    Selling Design and Development Services - Websites, Landing Pages, Print Media and More - VelocimDesigns

    Hello Guys! I'm Sib, an experienced Designer & Developer. Recently I've turned my freelance practice into a fully operational WebDevelopment agency with an amazing experienced team. Our website: You can reach us on skype: sibtain.gironella or e-mail us at...
  13. Dean

    Do you do off-site backups?

    Hey everyone, I was reading a couple of articles earlier that were talking about how few people do off-site (not on your hosting) backups of their websites. Personally I try to do off-site backups at least every week or two just in case their is an issue with my sites and the backups on my...
  14. ulterios

    Have you used a WordPress maintenance service?

    Hi fellow IMS members, I have a question for you! Have you ever used a WordPress maintenance service for your WordPress websites or blogs? I personally prefer to do all my own work on my sites, unless it's something I am not able to do personally. However, I have gotten an ever increasing...