Wordpress for a blog, website or a store?


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I am using wordpress to post my articles on, but I am seeing it have more advantages to build a better web store with some plugins
What do you think WordPress should be used for?


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Personally, WordPress is much better for a blog or website. After all that is it`s primary function. There are some great plugins to switch it to a store as you mentioned however, I would never use WordPress for e-commerce whatsoever due to security and would stick to scripts that are meant for e-commerce as they have so much more to offer specifically for an online store & use WP for company blog on the side.


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Wordpress is great for many different types of websites, especially for novices who need something simple and easy to setup and use. It is great for blogs, which are it's original application, but it can also be setup for ecommerce websites quite easily using just some plugins and/or themes.

Wordpress has so many more uses than what it was originally created for, so it can be used for many different types of websites and the types that it is used for is growing all the time.

Because of the versatility of Wordpress I don't see anything taking over it's spot as the top CMS in the world!

Cheers, Dean.


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WordPress can be used for most types of websites. There are themes, plugins and a wealth of information on pretty much every aspect of it so you never have to worry about not getting the information.

I have personally used WordPress for many different types of websites and it has always performed very well. WordPress does have a lot of extra stuff that I usually don't need but for something that I don't want a custom CMS for, WordPress works great.

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You can use Wordpress for just about any kind of website and it's usually pretty easy because they usually have plugins and theme that can help you create a certain type of website.

david smith

WordPress is one of the most prevalent platforms and can be used for blog or website. If one wants to have an eCommerce site on WordPress, then it can be done using plugins. Just remember the plugins that one uses must be from official source, do not use a plugin if it seems doubtful as it can increase the vulnerability of the website. One needs to take care of the security of their website by being careful and proactive.


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I think it should be used for any type of website that you want as long as it is capable of meeting your requirements. It's ease of use and adding features is the best there is so why use something else unless it does not meet your requirements?