Why did you choose MyBB?


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I have had a couple of forums a while back that ran on myBB. I checked into lots of other software that were available and I chose myBB because I had tried many different forum softwares and myBB was the best for my use. It was easy to setup and operate and it also has lots of modern themes and especially some that were great on mobile devices.

They even have some themes that look like a couple of the top paid forum softwares. They have some themes that make it look and feel like XenForo and also vBulletin which was cool. Some of the themes have real nice sidebars setup which a lot of the other free forum softwares don't have and require coding if you want that feature.

Overall I chose myBB because of all of these different factors and if I was to start up another forum using free software then I would choose myBB again.

Cheers, Dean.


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I don't know why more people are using MyBB to build their forums
Many people use myBB because they are looking for a free forum software that has a lot of features. myBB is one of the top free forum scripts that people use.

When I used myBB I chose it because it had more versatility over the other free forum scripts that I was looking at using and I also chose it because I wanted to start a forum to test some things out and didn't want to invest in a paid script because I didn't know how it would work out.

what is the advantages of this forum cms?
There are several including the fact that it's a free opensource option that people can use, it has many different plugins and themes, it has a great community that can be helpful with any setup or other questions as well as some other benefits.

Personally I would always prefer to use a paid forum script like XenForo ov vBulletin but only if I intend for the forum to be around long enough to justify the cost of the paid options.

myBB is also a good option to use for starting out a new forum that you can later convert to one of the paid forum scripts that have more functions and things available to them. ;)


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I have not owned a forum yet but I want to create on about technology topics and I was looking at different forum software and I think that when I make one it will be with mybb. It has many good styles and plugins so that is nice to have and it is also open source so you do not have to spend a lot of money to build a forum. Many people are recommending mybb so that is why I am probably going to use it for mine.