Which CMS do you prefer?

With the numerous CMSs out there, which one do you prefer when it comes to usage or for your own website?

Is it WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Concrete5, Magneto or what is your choice?

Thanks for your inputs!


At the moment, I am working with WordPress for my blog and I have come to discover that most of the sites I visit for information research are on WordPress.

I has more good features and free themes/plugins hence it looks like a thing you couldn't miss out.
I loke WordPress because it has the largest community support out of them all, and and is the most extensible.


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Based on my experiences with several different CMS's that are available out there I would choose Wordpress. There are so many resources for a Wordpress site that it makes it hard to beat, at least with the usual standard CMS's around.

There is a lot of information and resources for help as well if you ever happen to need any.

I am very familiar with it and can do most things that I want to with it and that's a big part of my decision.

Cheers, Dean.


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Out of all of the different CMS's I have used or tried WordPress is my favorite and the one that I usually use for most of my sites.

I like the fact that there is all kinds of resources for information, themes, plugins and anything else you would need for a site that are readily available and usually everything has many sources.

I have tried several different ones just to see how they were and I haven't found anything that I like better that WordPress for an overall CMS. ;)


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I like wordpress CMS the best. I was able to learn it very easily and can do most things for my blog without needing to find help online.


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Speaking as a beginner at building websites I prefer Wordpress because even someone who knows very little about websites can make their own. It was pretty easy to learn and I have been able to find good info on anything I needed help with.