What makes you choose a CMS?


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Hey Guys,

I am using wordpress cms for my websites because it's more secure, easy to use and more plugins

what about you? What makes you choose a CMS for your websites?


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When looking for a CMS platform, I look for the following:

- Support from the community with plugins/add-ons (paid and/or user contributions)
- Security
- Customer Support
- User usability
- Admin usability
- Customization
- Developer activity with the script and community
- User feedback response


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Can you elaborate this?

Others mentioned above are great!

What I mean is how active the developer(s) are with the software. There are some CMS where improvements or bug fixes aren't fixed until many months later (i.e. 8 months to fix 2 simple bugs where another user has temporary found a fix until the dev team releases an official patch/update)

With community activity - There are some scripts where developers are active with the community (forum or blog official or non official), reading, taking feedback, and sharing their knowledge to help with modules, customization, etc...
I use wordpress for most sites because it has auto update addons and that is very important in this day and age. Having your blog not updated results in the site being hacked.. most every time this is the case.. and also using plugins that are not developed or last updated over a year ago.


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If I am looking for a ready-made CMS I will look at what exactly I need one to do as well as if it is something that covers my needs now and into the future. I try to find something that I don't need to switch from later because a particular need isn't met. I also make sure that the things I need one to do are done well and there aren't any major issues that can't be fixed, changed. modified or altered to fit my exact needs.

I also look for one that has things easily available including themes, plugins, add-on's that I need or might need into the near future. I don't want to spend time and money on setting it up then find out I need to change to another CMS later down the road.

I always research what I might use to make sure it fits my requirements before deciding on going with any particular CMS. Preparation is key when choosing a CMS. ;)


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When I am looking for a CMS for a website of mine I do a lot of research and testing and go whichever one serves the purpose of that particular website.

I take lots of things into consideration before choosing the CMS that I think will do what I need it to do for that particular website.

Cheers, Dean.