What do you do in your spare time?


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When I have free time I used to surf forums, news sites and social media for chatting with friends. I really enjoy doing them. Sometimes I play games or go fishing for relaxing. What about you?


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Well, that would depend really:

Springtime, I go morel mushroom hunting and clean up my deer blind

Summer, I like to go fishing a lot, and on really hot days I hide inside and write.

Fall, more mushroom hunting, still learning all the mushrooms though, love brisk walks in the woods and watching colors change. Then getting my deer blind ready for hunting season in November. :)

Winter, more writing, more writing, playing on the internet, watching for the northern lights, then hiding when it's too darn cold..oh, and some ice fishing... :)
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I go on forum sites, work on my forum site, learn about computer programming, talk to my girlfriend, play video games, or do magic tricks for people on the street and practice.


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Spare time, what is that? ;)

Seriously, I don't really have any spare time these last few years to just do anything more than play a quick game on one of my tablets or watch a PART of a movie online.

I spend all my time working on my websites, marketing and doing various activities for some of the forums that I am part of so there is little spare time. I am a workaholic so that suits me fine since I like to keep busy. ;)


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I'm a knowledge and information junkie so when I do have some spare time I am usually looking up something on Google or Bing. I have a notepad on my PC desktop and when something comes to mind that I want or need to know something about I will write it on my notepad and look it up when I do have the time.

I am also a big tech fan and I am always messing around on my different electronic devices when I have the chance.

I know, I am not a very fun guy but I can't complain! :Dans2:

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I love to cook in my free time. I have always been a good cook and taken pride in the things that I create and everyone has always given me compliments.

I cook all kinds of things for family friends and others and take pride in seeing the look on the faces of the people when they smile after tasting some of my food. :D


If possible - reading books in english, if not - watching movies or videos in english. This way I am trying to improve my language skills.


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Although I haven't had a lot of time to do it these days I like to go hiking and fishing. I have lived many places where the fishing was good so I have always done that. I am hoping to take a couple of weeks off for vacation in a few months and want to try ocean fishing.


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I like to listen to music or play games on my iPad in my spare time when I am home. If I am out then I like to spend time with friends.


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I like to build things out of wood and always have since I was young. I like building furniture the most and making something that can be handed down to each new generation.

I have not had as much time to do this these last couple months but I am hopeful to be able to spend more time doing this in the future.


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I love summer weekends when i can take my car to local track and just fast lap it as hard as i can, damm it feels excited, we even sometimes drive with vs friends


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when I have free time I am usually listening to music and surfing the internet. Most times I am looking to find good internet marketing information to help me get better at it.


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I am currently a student. And what do students do? You guessed it, I study. I study a lot.
In my free time, I go to forums like this to enhance my vocabulary and writing skills.

I also play guitar and try to learn songs.

I play club Volleyball too when I'm not that busy studying.

But enough of me, what about the next guy? :DD:


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I have had a lot of different things that I have done in my spare time over the years. Things like playing golf with friends, fishing, playing video games and things like that.

These days I spend my spare time trying to learn more about internet marketing and social media to help make more money in the future.


I don't joke with my time,So even the spare time is for something serious. Could be reading or researching on new invention. I think I enjoy my spare time better this way.


Personally, I have been having very little spare time. The majority of it goes to spending time with my girlfriend. Then I have around one or two hours every day which I use to play some video games or watch some Youtube videos. Occasionally I enjoy a good game of online poker also.


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I do not get a lot of spare time ever since I have become a mother especially now that my daughter is still very young. But if ever I catch some, I prefer going out like going to the malls or parks to breathe some fresh air. If ever I can't go out, I just grab something to eat while watching my favorite Korean drama. That's how I totally relax. I also watch videos online or try to search for ways on how to earn more online. If there's nothing else I could do, I play poker online or just sleep.


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Hello there. I normally knit/crochet, and sell those. I make soap as well. Youtube was hobby, but now I am investing time in it to make it my full time position. I used to do pole fitness and aerial acrobatics, which I loved and was nothing more than a hobby. But I had to stop when I didn't have a car to get there anymore. So I don't think I don't have a non-work hobby either, but I would totally recommend pole fitness, aerial silks, aerial hoop, and trapeze.


I work alot online,so nany free time I have I use it religiously.I use my spare to exercise,see a movie,watch musicals,cook,dance etc.My slogan work and play hard


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When I have spare time, I usually play games on my PC. I also watch videos on YouTube, browsing my facebook newsfeed and sometimes visiting some forums. I do this things because I love doing this things.